Review: Nanny Rose’s Queen Bee Sticks and Pulls All Natural Hair Remover

I have been planning to go to one of the salons in the city to have a waxing session. But since I am too busy (a.k.a lazy) to do so, the plan is always cancelled. But just this Friday as we were scouring the mall for whatever that catches our attention :)), I remember that I wanted to buy a hair removal wax because I have already used the one I had. When I went to hair removal/creams section, I found these two small boxes tied together with small native rope (abaca twine perhaps). Oh well, I am a sucker for cute itsy bitsy and these boxes and the whole packaging caught my fancy. Good thing the wax can be used warm or as is and made of honey and sugar else I’ll never give this another look.
There are two boxes in the giftable package, the first box contains the Nanny Rose’s Sticks and Pulls honey wax (50g), three pieces of cloth strips and two “spatulas” which are actually popsicle sticks. The other box contains the Nanny Rose’s Mild Like Chamomile After Wax Salve (80g). I think the package is quite a steal for Php 139. The container of the After Wax Salve is cute too.

Although this wax can be used as is, the manufacturer highly recommend heating for best results. Since I wanted to prove that this wax works, I followed every step that is stated in the label:

  1. Simply remove cap and heat the jar of wax in a microwave oven (in medium heat) for 10-15 seconds, just enough to softer the mixture. Stir the mixture and let it rest until its temperature is cool enough to apply on skin.
  2. Prep your skin by washing the area with soap and water to remove unwanted residue. Dash a little powder on the area to be waxed to keep it dry.
  3. Using the wooden applicator, apply a thin layer of the wax in the direction of hair growth. In the same direction, place the strip of cloth on top and even out air bubbles.
  4. SWIFTLY pull the end of the cloth towards the opposite direction – against hair growth. Repeat as needed.
  5. Reddening of the skin after waxing is normal. Wax residue on skin can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Allow pores to close by letting skin rest for at least 30 minutes before completely washing the waxed area.
Since we don’t have a microwave oven and I wouldn’t want to risk heating the wax in the oven toaster, I decided to submerge the whole container in a hot water for a few minutes. Hopefully that works in softening the hardened wax. I dashed my underarm with powder and applied the wax in just small area at first. I placed the cloth over the wax and even it out. When I pulled the cloth, I see my underarm hair sticking to the cloth with wax. But since there are still hairs left in that area, I repeated the process.

I find it tedious working on a small area at a time so I tried working on large areas and I’m glad I did because I have managed to pull out a lot of hair in just a matter of seconds. But then again, I have to repeat the process in order to remove the remaining hair. I also need to apply powder from time to time in order for the wax to stick to the skin since it is becoming greasy.

The instruction says that the area must be wiped with damp cloth after waxing but I prefer using wet wipes so that I will just throw it away after use. More convenient! I also applied After Wax Salve right after I wiped off the wax residue.
Before applying the salve, I still have to tweeze the remaining hair because they are too short thus cannot really stick to the cloth even if thick wax is applied to the skin. But in general, this wax is very good, I think it is more effective than the previous sugar wax I used.

The label says that the wax can be used for up to a year but I think mine is just enough for the next waxing session because I applied the wax too thick. :D I would probably buy this again.

Honey, sugar and calamansi juice

Product Description:
Nanny Rose’s honey wax will spruce you up in the sweetest way possible. This sticky pot is a combination of locally produced honey, sugar and calamansi juice. It contains no harsh chemicals and ingredients that can cause allergies that is why it can be used on sensitive skin and delicate areas. Making use of ingredients that are closer to nature, you can be sure that every jar of Nanny Rose’s honey wax is made with love.

  • Removes hair down to the roots leaving the skin smooth and hairless for 3-4 weeks
  • Kit can last up to a year if properly kept


  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Sweet-smelling
  • Can be used warm or as is
  • Available in Watson’s and SM Department Store
  • Nice packaging
  • Made in the Philippines

  • Spatula is actually a popsicle stick.
  • The edges of clothes are easily ripped.


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