Review: Deonat Natural Mineral Deodorant Roll-On

After being loyal to Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant for how many years, I finally had the courage to try a new product for my underarms. Actually, I have been planning to do so a few months ago but I was kind of scared that whatever product I will use may not give me the same protection and confidence Dove does. It took me like 101% courage to finally give in and look for something new in the market.

Since I have been eyeing and researching about deodorants from DeoNat, I opt to go for this. DeoNat deodorants come in various forms; roll-on, spray and what appears to me as stone like alum but cylindrical. Although I am not a fan of roll-ons, I bought one because it is cheaper compared to spray and easier to use than the stone type (in which you need to wet with water before applying). I wouldn’t buy the expensive variant if I am still on the process of testing the product.

It feels awkward the first time I use DeoNat roll-on since I’m used to deo stick and I have read reviews about the reliability of mineral deodorants when it comes to odor protection. The cool and moist feeling this roll-on cause made me pray that it will not fail me. Since I feel doubtful that it cannot protect me from bad odor, I brought my trusted Dove and visit my office’s comfort room every hour or so to check my underarms.

But thankfully, this product has not failed me even until now. I have been using it for more than two weeks and I have no complains so far. When the product dries after application, I notice that my underarm feels smooth and doesn’t leave white residue like deo sticks do. I have no complains when it comes to protection too! Even after rounding the oval eight times after a day in the office, I don’t feel like I smell sweaty. I still have to wait for the moment when I’m perspiring like any tensed or nervous person does. Hopefully I’ll still like the result. :D

Right now, DeoNat Natural Mineral deodorant exceeded my expectation. I’m not sure if it whitens underarms but I am sure that it doesn’t darken. My underarms feel smooth and of course, I like its scent – my ideal clean-scent, not fruity or musky.

Now if only it eliminates chicken skin… TOTALLY, I’ll surely brag about it! But who knows in the months to come. Change is gradual after all.

Purified Water, Ammonium Alum, Xanthan Gum, Fragrance

Product Description:
Deonat Mineral Deodorant Roll-On is made of natural mineral salts which eliminate body odor by forming a superficial protective layer against odor-causing bacteria. It is long-lasting, leaves no stains on clothes, and allows the skin to breathe and function naturally without clogging pores.

  • No paraben
  • No aluminum chlorohydrate
  • Leaves no stain on clothes
  • Does not clog pores
  • Allows skin to breath


  • Reasonable price
  • Doesn’t darken skin
  • Makes skin feel smooth
  • Clean-smelling
  • Eliminates body odor
  • Leaves no white residue on skin

None so far

Product of Thailand


  1. Hello..
    It really sounds good..
    Thanks for sharing this blog..

  2. @Natural deodorant

    You're welcome! And thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  3. hi.. thanks for ur blog.. it seems you have been using this product for a year by now.. i just want to ask if it did lighten your UA? u know i've tried a lot of whitening deodorants in the market but none of them did help.. now, im eyeing on this product.. do u think it will solve my dark UA?

  4. hi there...
    love your post here,,,
    i was eying on this product for like month already..
    for my 8 year old kid,,,i am looking for a natural deo for her,,saw this n the market, but not a fan of the stone type.
    may I please know where did you buy this liquid roll-on? and for how much?
    i always see the stone types, last time i saw a liquid spray in Watsons' but too pricey..
    thank you so much and hoping to hear from you...

  5. hi there,,,love your article here...
    question please...where did you buy this liquid roll on and for how much?
    I usually see those stone types only.
    thank you.

  6. @carol
    I used this deo for more than a year but I switched to Dove ultimate white deo a few months ago. I don't think Deonat really whitened my underarms but it prevented darkening. Thanks for the comment by the way.

    Thank you for commenting. I buy mine from SM Department stores or Watsons. I think this cost around Php 120.

  7. Bakit ganun. I tried deonat Natura mineral roll on , for 3 days from now.and my shirt smells like BO. but when I sniff or touch my UAs directly, wala namang Amoy. Di Ko alam kung dahil ba yun sa shirt or dahil sa sobrang pagpapawis? Known that deonat didn't control sweating.

    1. Is it the same with your other shirts? Minsan kasi may mga fabric na parang nag aamoy BO kung mapagpawisan. If you are getting the same result using other shirts, probably hindi ka hiyang sa deonat. Sa akin kasi okay naman sya. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi! I've been using deonat for 2 weeks. Does your deonat roll on smell sour?
    But I haven't experienced having BO from using it. I think the sour smell fades when it's dry.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. Mine doesn't smell sour naman but doesn't smell that good either. :D