Review: Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion

I am such a fan of Nivea skin care products and I have been using Nivea Intensive Milk (Dry Skin) for years now. I only use other lotions if they are a gift from relatives or friends.

Knowing the need to protect my skin from harmful rays of the sun, I decided to try other Nivea skin care products and this one caught my attention. And it was only then that I realized the difference between milk and lotion. Intensive Milk is easier to apply while this has thick consistency that needs more rubbing to be able to spread to the skin evenly.

Product Description:
Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion is a daily protection moisturizer especially developed to maintain your skin’s healthy radiance. Advanced UVA/UVB filters protect your skin o the surface from sun exposure while Vitamin E actively works as an antioxidant neutralizing skin-damaging radicals. The skin’s own protection system is reinforced, preventing pre-mature skin aging. As a result your skin looks healthy, radiant and strengthened to fight damaging stress factors.


What I like about this product:
  • Basically, I like this product for it claims to protect the skin from daily effects of UV rays. Although it doesn’t have SPF, its UVA/UVB filter is enough for me since I am only out under the sun from 8:00 – 9:00 am and then during lunch break.
  • It fosters new aquaporins for over 24 hours of natural moisture.
  • Due to its thick consistency, small amount of this lotion goes a long way. Additionally, you will be able to give your skin a good massage since it takes a few more rub to spread the lotion evenly.
  • The smell is ok, not fruity, sweet or musky but not as light as Intensive Milk.
  • The price is reasonable and is available in most grocery, malls and drugstores.

What I don’t like about this product:
  • The only thing I don’t like about this product is that, you really need to spend a few precious minutes applying the lotion to your skin. Since I am always running late for work, I find it annoying at times. :D
Additional tips:
  • It is best to apply the lotion right after going out of the bathroom and your skin is still wet to lock in moisture and for easy application as well.


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