A Photo A Week - Cartoonish Caterpillar

It isn't the first time I see a caterpillar but when I see one in the past, I'm not paying close attention to it because their chubby body creeps me out for some reasons. But yesterday morning, I happen to notice one crawling in the concrete pavement in front of the house. It has the same chubby and green body like other caterpillars I have seen before. I was kind of curious about it thus I took a closer look.

Its eyes are kinda weird. I don't know with other caterpillars but this one has that "cartoonish" eyes. I mean, those eyes are often depicted in movies, television shows and children's books. I never thought that the look of those eyes is for real and it feels weird seeing those eyes.

But despite that weird feeling, I decided to pick it up (not with bare hands of course) and transfer it to a safe place - in the leaf of a plant because I'm sure that it will be stepped on if I left it in the pavement. When I showed it to my niece the next day, she immediately picked it up from the leaf and placed it on her hands. Such a courageous girl! She wanted to keep it as her pet so I made a makeshift home for the creature. She named her Cathy, short for caterpillar. :)) Unfortunately, Cathy died the next day but seriously, I can still vividly imagine her look especially those cartoonish eyes. :(

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