Paradiso Inferno Blue from Benetton

Remember the Let’s Move, Let’s Love post I made last September? Well, I got an email a few weeks back that I am one of the first 20 bloggers to submit an entry. As such, I get to win this 50ml bottle of Benetton Paradiso Inferno Blue and the package arrived the other week.

But since the perfume is for men and I still prefer women’s perfume despite often called "one of the boys" by friends, I handed this out to my male cousin whom I know will love it. The scent is not too strong or overpowering for me but I think he will appreciate it more.

Though I won't be able to use the perfume, I am still thrilled that my blogging effort is rewarded. I would like to thank Benetton for this and of course NuffnangPh for organizing the contest.

Want to get the Paradiso Inferno Pink for Women?

Check out Benetton's website for more info...

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