A Photo A Week: Guyabano

The skin may not be flawless but they taste good (at least for me)
Ever since we learned about my mother’s medical diagnosis, we started to switch our lifestyle to join her into her quest for a healthy one. We rarely eat pork and beef nowadays and instead focus on eating greens and fish. For snacks, I encouraged her to eat fruits and wheat bread instead of white bread and other sugary snacks.

There are some fruits and vegetables said to help fight cancer and one of those is guyabano (soursop). The fruit's effect on cancer hasn't been proven by experts and we are certain that this fruit alone cannot topple cancer but any little thing that is said to help is worth a try, right? After all, there is nothing to lose when this fruit is eaten regularly.

I took the picture during the first time we have gathered so many guyabanos. We used to have only one or two at home since we can rarely find them these days and gathering this much is surely an amazing feat. It surely lifted our spirit (my mother’s particularly) for a few seconds. If only one guyabano equals one day of her life, I absolutely will go through any length to gather enough to extend her life for another 10 to 20 years.

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