Philippine-Based Forums for Women

Lately, I have become addicted to online forums to the point that I visit my favorite forums almost every day, sometimes every two hours. Forums give me that sort of freedom to express my opinion without the fear of getting bashed, or at least not by people I personally know. From beauty tips to married life, recipes and even finance matters, I always get my daily dose of information from forums.

Whether you want to get tips about anything under the sun, want to give advice to other forum (and problematic) posters, want someone to talk to or just want to look around and read other people’s stories, here are some forum sites you may want to consider:

This forum is under and is my favorite forum right now. I check this site often than my work allows. LOL! One thing I love this post is that it covers various areas including finance, beauty and fashion, family life, relationships, health, travel and entertainment.  If I am allowed to access only one forum in a day, this would be it. My favorite sections are Savings and Investments, Let’s Primp and Prettify and recently, Married Life.

I am not a member of this forum and I only visit the site rarely (like once a month or once every quarter). While this is under the umbrella of one of the country’s most popular magazines, this is not as updated as Girltalk.

So far these are the only forum I know catered for women. Of course, these forums have male members as well but majority of the members are female. Also, there are many other popular Philippine-based forums but they are not specifically created for women thus I didn’t include them in this list. If I miss something which you think should be in here, please let me know in the comment section.

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