March Finds

The first quarter of 2015 is already over and it’s now time for my monthly finds post. This month has been particularly hectic for me, with my mother being sick, our plans to move back home to be with her and our trip to Dumaguete - Siquijor, my life, or at least my schedule is in chaos. Everything seems to pass by me quickly it’s overwhelming. In fact, I thought I won’t be able to post my finds for March since I rarely have time to check out and try new stuff but during the last few days of the month, I managed to snatch some items while shopping for the things I use regularly.

Nichido Eyebrow Pencil. If there is one part of my face I paid little to no attention to, it’s my brows. I can go out of the house without grooming them and I won’t care. But for some reason, I recently found myself obsessing about neat and precisely-shaped brows. So, I plucked the “out-of-place” brows gradually and eventually shaped them for the first time. They’re nowhere perfect but at least close to what I want them to look like. So I bought this“tool” I bought for my practice.

Nichido Brow Gel.  Despite shaping them, my brows tend to have a mind of their own and taming them can be rather difficult. I knew I needed something to keep them in place and I found this for practice purposes also.

Human Heart Nature Acne Defense. Pimple has always been my enemy. Everyday, there is always one or two somewhere in my face and I panicked when they are increasing or not getting better because of the depressing pimple-situation I went through last year. Since I ran out of my trusted anti-pimple gel (Epiduo), I decided to try this from Human Heart Nature. They are way less expensive, natural and many users claim it to be effective. I am hoping that this somehow works so that I’d be able to save money (1 Epiduo = 6 HHN Acne Defense).

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