Sugar Art in Iloilo

I rarely go to the mall specifically to witness a store opening so it’s a pleasant surprise to pass by Sugar Art’s pop up store while they’re having their soft opening (that was in August). The area is surrounded by people and like any curious cat, I peeked to find out what the fuss is about.

In the “kitchen”, I found the “candy chef” kneading, shaping and cutting colored sugars. It is entertaining to watch them do their thing and witness how those colorful goodies were made.

Here are the finished products.

Sugar Art pop up store is located in the upper ground level near the food court area.


  1. How much are they selling the finished products?

  2. Hi Mark!

    Cheapest is Php 50 (30g in jar). The 100g in pouch is Php 85.

    The taste is ok but the edges of the candies are a bit rough/sharp. Prone sa pilas baba/dila. :D

    Still gummy candies for me! :D

  3. Hi, do you have any idea if open pa sila sa SM City Iloilo?