Pre-delivery Wish List

Time flies so fast especially when you are having fun, however, when you are waiting for something, or someone, it isn't unusual for you to want to fast forward for that moment to arrive.

Our most awaited month has finally come and any day from now, our little boy will be completing our little family. Waiting brings about a mix of emotion and I already imagine myself holding my precious boy. To divert my mind from all the waiting woes, I just keep it busy by blogging, blog-hopping, bonding with my family and... shopping! While the basic needs are already complete and packed, there are some stuff I want need to get to make motherhood easier and more enjoyable and convenient.

Ring sling carrier
As a family who loves to go out from time to time, we would surely need this to carry our boy around. Aside from that, I think I can also benefit from this on a daily basis since we do not plan on getting someone to help me care for our baby. I will be the one to care for him in addition to working in front of the computer and doing some household chores so this carrier will hopefully enable me to do those without leaving him all by himself in the crib.
Nursing cover
I may be determined to breastfeed my child but I am still not comfortable to breastfeed in public without any cover. Of course, I can use a swaddle to cover us but if I can get a nursing cover, then why not?

Breast pump
Another breastfeeding weapon! I prefer a manual pump over an electric one since I will be with my child most of the time and the purchase of an expensive electric breast pump may not be necessary. I may only use this pump when leaving the house without him.
Breastfeeding accessories
This includes nipple shield, nursing pads, milk storage bags and other stuff to make breastfeeding possible and convenient for me.

Nursing bras, tops and dresses
This includes nursing bras, tops and dresses.

Aden + Anais swaddle blanket
This isn't really necessary since I already have hooded blankets I can use for swaddling and besides, I don't feel like I need to swaddle my son since it's so summer here in the Philippines. The pretty prints are so tempting, however. :D

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