My Labor Story

It's been a little over a month since I gave birth and obviously, I got my hands full with everything motherhood related thus explains the scarcity of my posts. But to celebrate our little duck's first month, I am sharing to you my labor story.

It all started on the 25th of April, I was 39 weeks and 4 days (based on my first ultrasound) back then. I went in for my regular prenatal check up. As per my OB, I was only 1cm dilated (been 1cm dilated since my last week's check up). My OB advised that I be admitted on the same day for I'm already overdue based on my last ultrasound (EDD is April 18). Besides, she won't be around on the next few days so she wanted that I give birth before she leave. I know I could have resisted and instead wait for labor to come naturally but since I already wanted to give birth and I never wanted other doctos to handle me, I agreed.

After my check up, I went home and got ready. We left the house at around 5 PM and arrived at the hospital past six in the evening. We could have arrived earlier if it weren't for traffic congestion caused by road repairs.

At the emergency room, I gave the ER personnel the letter with instruction from my OB. I was attended to by the ER nurse and I couldn't recall the number of times I was asked the same set of questions such as the first day of my last menstrual period (LMP), allergy triggers, past pregnancies/miscarriages, etc. I think every resident OB and interns asked every patient the same questions. I wonder why this is so. I think they could have shared the info to each other so that they never have to ask the patient the same questions again and again.

After changing into my hospital gown, blood extraction for my labs and monitoring of fetal heart rate, I was wheeled into the OB ward. The OB ward of IDH is air-condiioned with one sink and CR that can accommodate six patients at a time. When we got there, there were just two other patients so there are spare beds for our "bantays" to sleep in.

At around 10PM, I was wheeled into the labor room for the non-stress test. After the test, IV fluid infused with oxytocin (for induction) was attached to me. Despite the oxytocin, I felt nothing. Still no sign of labor whatsoever. FHR and vital signs were monitored regularly.

April 26 - Morning

Oxytocin was continuously administered but like the previous day, I still feel no pain. Still 1cm dilated too. Also, I did walking around the lobby for hours with rest in between.

April 26 - Afternoon

1.5cm dilated and I can feel minor pain on and off.


While in bed, I felt a "plop" inside my tummy and felt something gushing out of my vagina. I informed the nurse about it and the resident OB confirmed that my bag of water has ruptured. Because of this, I was wheeled back into the labor room for the non-stress test. Being attached into this apparatus for hours while on labor is not the most pleasant experience. I can barely move and sleep since lying on the left side is required. Morning of April 27 came and baby has not descended yet.

April 27

I was wheeled back to the ward for breakfast. I asked if I can wash myself to which the nurse agreed. While washing, more water came out of my vagina. After eating breakfast and cleaning, I was wheeled back to the labor room to be attached back to the monitor again. Later in the day, contractions came but dilation remained painfully slow. I was already writhing in pain but doctors said it's not time yet as I still wasn't fully dilated.

Afternoon came and I was still stuck at 7cm. The pain has become unbearable that I decided to surrender. My OB called my husband so we can talk and we decided that we should go with C-Section.

Everything was then readied as soon as we told my OB to proceed. During the early part of the surgery, I can feel being cleaned up, the apparatus being attached to me and I can hear the conversation among doctors and nurses. I can even see them opening my tummy from the reflection above but then, I opted to close my eyes as I don't want to see.

A few minutes into the operation, I heard their "aahhhhs" when my baby came out and I heard his cry too. However, I was too groggy to open my eyes or ask for anything so I just went back to sleep. Baby came out by 5:23 PM, 17 hours after my BOW has ruptured. The operation lasted for 21 minutes which to me is quite amazing because I never expected it to be that fast.

After the operation, he was then taken to me for skin-to-skin contact and latching. However, I decided not to room him in immediately as I have not recovered yet. I only requested to room him in after the removal of my catheter and IV. My recovery was fast. The day after the operation, I can already sit and stand with minimal assistance that even my anaesthesiologist commented that I don't look like I undergo a surgery.

I was discharged on the third day after the operation but sadly, the baby had to stay in the hospital's continuing care unit for phototherapy and antibiotics administered through heplock to treat his infection and jaundice caused by prolong labor. He was discharged a week after his birth.


Prior to the big day, I've always dreamt of writing a beautiful labor story, a story of a natural birth, of how my labor went smoothly. But some dreams are meant to be dreams only. For someone like me who conditioned her mind and body for a natural birth, deciding to go for a C-Section can be very hard. While right after the operation I feel relieved that the baby is finally out, the guilt and the disappointment started to come days later. I feel guilty that I waited for 17 hours post BOW rupture before deciding to give birth via CS as I was hoping that I can still make it. This caused him infection that required to be treated for a few more days. I also worry that my baby will become sickly (CS babies are less healthy they say) or I will not be able to breastfeed him. I worry each time he appears sick or uncomfortable or fussy. At some point, I even felt such a weakling for not being able to do what women are tailored to do. But then, I console myself with the fact that I did what is necessary at that moment. The worse could have happened if I insisted with my NSD dreams.

My folks are indeed right. You cannot be sure what's gonna happen to you when you are bearing a child and that every pregnancy is different. What started out as a healthy pregnancy could end up in a complicated birth and vice versa. Thus it is very important for us moms to be flexible and open-minded.

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