Google Adsense: My First Ever Payout

It's been over a month since my last post and I admit, I really miss blogging. But as usual, I do not have the luxury of time to do stuff online because I am still the main caregiver of my son. In fact, I have become busier than ever because we moved house and we are expected to do almost everything for ourselves. Totally different from the previous house wherein we can eat without cooking, we have clean clothes without doing the laundry, we have fresh foods, vegetables and fish without going to the market, etc. But miracles do happen. LOL! Well, my inspiration to write this post reached the highest level, so high that I can't sleep without posting. :D

The inspiration I am referring to is the recent Google Adsense payout. Yes, it's the first for me after so many years of blogging. :D It's feels fulfilling to be finally earning from the things you worked hard for. naks!

I claimed my payout through Western Union and I didn't encounter any trouble doing so. All you need to provide when my claiming is the Western Union MTCN (found in payment receipt) as well as one valid ID.

My heart feels so alive right now I want to write and write but my body is so tired from travelling to the in-laws. Next post will be up in a few, I promise. ;)

Note: Earnings is from two blogs. This one and my Iloilo Wedding blog.

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