Himalayan Salt Lamp: What Is It and Why We Got One?

Hello everyone? It's been ages since my last post and you probably know why. I'm hoping that I can find a baby-sitter soon so I can get back to using my full earning potential and get back to blogging as well. Good and reliable helpers are indeed hard to find nowadays.

Anyways, going back to the subject of this post, the himalayan salt lamp, we learned about this thing through our friend. She and my husband were talking about the kids and he mentioned about our son's asthma and chronic cough. She then suggested that we get a himalayan salt lamp since reducing allergies, cough and asthma attack are some of the benefits. As parents who would do or get whatever they can to prevent their child from getting sick in the most natural way possible, we got one from a group buying page on Facebook.

Of course before placing our order, we researched about it first and I am sharing what I learned about this lamp that is not only beneficial to our well-being but is also pleasing to the eye.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

A salt lamp is said to generate negative ions, the ones that can neutralize positive ions created by electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, televisions and many others. These positive ions can trigger or cause health problems such as allergies and stress and may disrupt sleep.

How Does it Work?

Salt, by its nature, is hygroscopic, meaning that it attracts water to its surface and this water evaporates quickly due to the small amount of heat from the light source (this is also why salt lamps tend to sweat and appear wet in humid climates).

Small amounts of water vapor is present in the air and can carry things like mold, bacteria, and allergens. Salt lamps attract this water vapor and the things it carries to its surface and removes them from the air. This is one of the main benefits of salt lamps. (Source: WellnessMama)

Why We Got One?

The number one reason we got one is due to my son's respiratory issues. During the first few months of his life, we've been dealing with cough, asthma attack and was hospitalized when he was only three months old because of pneumonia. Since salt lamps cleanse and deodorize the air therefore reducing allergy and asthma symptoms, we are hopeful that by having one inside the bedroom where our son frequents will help lessen his cough and asthma attacks. Additionally, a salt lamp is also said to reduce electromagnetic radiation caused by electronic devices.

This post from NaturalLivingIdeas.com explained these benefits better.

  1. Salt Lamps Cleanse & Deodorize the Air
  2. Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms
  3. Eases Coughing
  4. Increase Energy Levels
  5. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation
  6. Better Sleep
  7. Improve Mood & Concentration
  8. Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder
  9. Reduce Static Electricity in the Air
  10. Environmentally-Friendly Light Source

The lamps switch that also enables you to control the brightness/dimness of the lamp.

We've been using the lamp for two weeks only so it's still too early to say whether or not it is effective. But as what I've said, I am hopeful! I will update this post in the months to come.

To those who are interested, I got this through this group buying page for Php 1300 (2 - 3 kilograms).  Bigger sizes are available too!


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