Love and Carry Air: The Budget-friendly Ergonomic Soft Structured Carrier

Before becoming a mother, I have never given babywearing much thought. Actually, I didn't even know that using any type of baby carrier is called babywearing. Well, everything changed when I got pregnant. I discovered a lot of things including this beautiful thing called babywearing.

My first carrier, the one I bought a couple of months after giving birth, was a SaYa SSK. I loved that carrier! Given that it is made of cotton, it is soft which I think is ideal for the baby's fragile body. However, when my son was around seven to eight months, I started to feel uncomfortable when using it. My shoulders would hurt just a few minutes of wearing it. When my son turned nine months and weighed eight to nine kilograms, I knew I needed something that is more comfortable to use, will not break my shoulders and the one that is easy to put on even when I'm alone with my boy since he has become a ball of energy at this age. The solution - a soft structured carrier (SSC)!

However, I find buying a soft structured carrier challenging since they come in various brands and designs. SSC is also the most expensive type of carrier. Safety-tested and ergonomic ones can cost as much as Php 20,000 while the cheapest can cost Php not less than Php 3,500. There are also lots of fake carriers circulating online thus it is important for buyers to be cautious. As much as possible, buy from reputable stores (SM Baby Company, CEO Emporium for Philippines-based mommies) or when purchasing online, buy from the company's website or official distributor to be sure that you won't be fooled into getting a fake one which can be dangerous for your little one.

Love and Carry Air's detachable hood

So after thorough research (I scoured the Babywearing Philippines Facebook page everyday), I ended up with Love and Carry Air. Here are my reasons for wanting them over other carriers in the market:

  • Mesh body. Since Philippines is a tropical country, it is very important to me that the carrier must be cool, or at least less hot. The mesh body or back rest is the number one reason why I got Love and Carry Air. The mesh allows air to pass through therefore preventing my son from perspiring a lot. When it's cold, the mesh can be covered by the carrier's large pocket.
  • Safety-tested. My son's safety is very important to me so I made sure that we are using safety-tested carriers. I don't want him to be part of the statistics for babies who fell or who had an accident due to flimsy carrier straps or buckles.
  • Padded shoulders. One reason I ditched my SaYa carrier is because it tends to dig on my shoulders. I am not experiencing that with this carrier since it has well-padded shoulders. It is not causing me discomfort even if I carry my son for hours.
  • Adjustable straps. I love that the straps are all adjustable therefore the carrier can be used by anyone of any body type. With SaYa, my husband cannot carry our son because it doesn't fit him.
  • Budget-friendly. Love and Carry is one of the most budget-friendly yet safety-tested carriers in the market today. I got mine for Php 4000 (originally Php 3500 but they had a price hike around the time I placed my order) from Love and Carry Philippines official distributor. Although my child's safety is my number one concern, I wouldn't want to spend more than Php 5000 when I know there is something that costs less but can do the job just the same.
  • Up to toddler. Aside  from it being low-cost, it is economical too since there is no need to buy a new carrier when my boy is older. This carrier is still okay even for older babies weighing 18 kilograms.
  • Easy to use. The carrier may look complicated because of all its buckles and straps but it's actually very easy to use. It usually takes me a couple or so minutes to place my son into the carrier.

We took our carrier during our recent trip to Boracay to celebrate my son's first birthday. He looks fussy in the picture, but it's not because of the carrier. He wanted to play in the water already and been struggling to be set free. Also, it's our early-morning-no-breakfast look! 😃

Since the carrier arrived, we've been using it every time we go out and I'm glad I got one. It makes our trips more convenient even if I'm alone with my boy. I think my son is also happy with his carrier since he would often go "wild" each time he sees me wearing it. Perhaps he has associated the carrier with "going out".

I got our carrier from Love and Carry Philippines Facebook page for Php 4000 plus shipping fee. The carrier comes with a reversible drool pads, detachable hood, leg extenders, water resistant pouch bag, instruction manual and box.

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