What You Should Know About Being a Work-at-Home Mom

Every mom's lament is the time they spend away from their kids when they're at work. It sure does feels sad thinking about your child left behind at home, in the hands of others. It feels sad not being able to witness their milestones and not around when they are sick and needed you the most. Additionally, finding a reliable helper is just so hard nowadays. Where did they go, by the way? They're getting extinct! 

When this working-from-home trend emerged, I believe the first people who rejoiced are the parents. Imagine earning money while looking after your newborn. Imagine being around to see your child roll or crawl for the first time. Sounds like a dream job for every parent, right? Working from home, though, is not as easy as it sound particularly if you are a newbie or do not have background about all this.

Below, I am sharing the things you should know before you decide to hand your resignation letter to your boss...

Newbies beware! Finding a job can be a real challenge if you have not yet established your portfolio as well as your connection... and when you find one, usually you cannot demand for the rate you prefer. Many would usually lower their rate just so they can get that first gig. But worry not because once you've built your portfolio and your client rating/review, it would be less hard to find a job that pays well.

It's hard to work uninterrupted with a toddler, especially if you do not have a helper at home. In my case, I can work a bit (30 minutes to one hour) when he's watching his nursery rhymes while confined inside his crib. When he's out, I can't even take my eyes off him for a few minutes because he has the habit of putting things inside his mouth and he tends to climb chairs or any furniture in the room. I can only work longer hours when he's asleep. With this, I suggest that you accept or choose a job that allows flexible time so you can work during the hours you are free from mommy duties.

You can get grumpy on things you can't control like power outage and intermittent internet connection. Lucky if you have access to back up power supply but since my family does not live in a condominium or other residential areas with generators, I usually can't do any work when there is no electricity or only do offline works when there is no internet connection. That's why it's always a good idea to get jobs with flexible schedule, as mentioned above.

Prepare yourself for salary delays, or no salary at all. This is the sad truth about working from home. This usually happens if there is no third party or middle man involved such as Upwork. A client may magically disappear after the job is done or some have 101 reasons not to pay. Be wary and find their social media profiles such as LinkedIn and Facebook so you'll have other ways to contact them in case they do not respond to your emails.

It can be hard to focus on work, especially if you are not closely monitored by your client. There can be so many distractions such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, family and friends coming over, mobile game, all those series to watch and of course, online shopping! 😀

This article is not to discourage anyone from working at the comfort of their homes but is merely my way of helping others, especially parents, become successful in their goals to help bring food to the table at the same time be around with the people that really matters.

Do you have other tips to share? Please share it in the comment section.

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