Here’s Why Your Online Dating Profile Doesn’t Work

So, you decided to look for love online on pinalovesite. You found a decent dating site or application and got your membership. Filled out all the necessary information. Chose an image that represented you best.

And nothing is happening. Nothing. No one replies to your messages and no one texts you either. You are browsing the Net trying to find out if something is wrong with the site. But no, everything is totally fine and other users communicate and meet each other. So what is wrong?

We are 99% sure that you made one or a few mistakes when filling out your dating profile. So, here are the reasons why your profile does not seem to be alluring at all. They may serve as online dating profile tips, too.

  1. You chose a bizarre name. Some online dating services require you to put your real name in your profile and will not allow you to do otherwise. But the majority of services oversee this problem. Therefore, we can always find a good myriad of names referring to certain body parts, be it Mister7Incher or SirSchlong, or something less revolting; names revealing your age, as Mikey1973; or something more disturbing and less informative, as _Bombardier92_ or IceCreamLover. Don’t let this monstrosity ruin your online experience. If your name is Michael, let people know that you are Michael. That’s quite enough.
  2. Forgetting to put any additional information. If the site allows your weight and height, ethnicity and hobbies to be displayed in your online dating profile – let it happen. Put it this way – in real life, you have an instant access to all this information (well, except for hobbies). You should keep that in mind while writing an online dating profile, especially if you want to date a gorgeous Philippine woman. It ensures that your potential date may find you attractive.
  3. Putting too much additional information. Overdoing is as bad as underdoing. Same goes for your personal page. Writing a 5-page essay about your life and preferences is not a good idea as no one would actually read it while also deciding that you are either insecure or some sort of nerd. Fortunately, most services limit the amount of text available to be put in a dating profile.
  4. Uploading weird photos. Our eyes are the main informational channel among sensory organs, arguably providing up to 90% of the information. Based on this well-acknowledged fact, why would you upload a pixelated photo of some random medieval knight instead of a photograph with you on it? Your online comrades will judge your looks first (just as in real life), and if they have no opportunity to do so, odds are your online dating success is nowhere to be found. Clear high-quality photos depicting you and your clothed body would work best for such services.
  5. Deceiving other users may become the major issue. We are not talking about legal issues – it’s not the case unless you are a scammer (but being so you wouldn’t read this article). When you tell lies about your appearance or position to just get a date, you drastically lower your chances for a further success. In real life, it’s quite easy to understand whether you tell the honest truth about yourself or build some kind of an artificial image. No one is perfect, but those who are honest about themselves get a chance to find someone who would appreciate them for who they are.

Overall, online dating can become your path to building sustainable and prospering relationships that will eventually make you happy. Don’t lose your chance and get the best of it!

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