Review: Luxe Organix Power Glow Creamy Whip Cleanser

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Since I became pregnant in 2015, I haven't used any chemical cleanser because I'm conscious of how it will affect the developing baby inside my tummy and later on when I was breastfeeding him. Even when my son stopped breastfeeding, I didn't think of switching from organic soaps to other cleansers because it didn't cross my mind . Besides, I barely even had the time for a proper bath because I always rush to be with a clingy boy.

But now that my son is older and I have the time to really look at myself in the mirror, I realized that my skin is not looking the way I want it to look. It looks older than my age and is rough, dull and unhealthy. I searched various products and read reviews to find out what to use.

Since I'm happy with Luxe Organix Aqua Daily Sunscreen, I decided to try other products from the brand. I asked for recommendation from their online consultant through Instagram and they've been helpful in my quest for the right product that will suit my needs and skin concerns.

I've been using the Power Glow cleanser for three months already so I think it's time for my review.


Luxe Organix Power Glow Creamy Whip Cleanser cleanses face without the stripping feeling. Developed with Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate and Vitamin C to reduce signs of aging. It promotes a brighter complexion by reducing impurities and increasing collagen production revealing a healthier glow.


Packaging and Appearance. The product comes in a pink tube with white lid. The text is also in white. The packaging is minimalist and has that Korean skin care appeal.

The product itself is white and has a creamy texture.

Effectiveness. I've been using this cleanser twice daily for three months already and so far I'm loving the result. It makes my skin feel softer and smoother especially when used with Luze Organix Rosewater Soothing Gel. I did not experience any negative reaction like itchiness, redness or pimples. It doesn't make my skin dry or too oily. It also helps lessen blackheads which I'm truly happy about.

Scent. The cleanser is fragrant but not overpowering. I feel good every time I smell it. 

Price. The 150ml tube I got costs Php 289 from Shopee. I think a tube will last for three to four months when used daily although I only used the product twice a week during the first two weeks. I gradually increased my usage every week until I have developed the routine of using it daily.

Ingredients. The product boasts of containing galactomyces and vitamin believed to reduce signs of aging.

Availability. In addition to 150ml tube, it is also available in smaller tube but it comes in a set along with the Power Glow toner and moisturizer. The set costs less than Php 500 and is good for one month.

Luxe Organix products are available from Watsons physical and online stores and various Shopee sellers including ktscollectionph where I got mine from.


Aspects Rating
Packaging & Appeal 4/5
Effectiveness 4.5/5
Scent 4/5
Ingredients 4/5
Price 4/5
Availability 4/5
Overall Rating 4.1/5


  • Reduces facial oil.
  • Reduces blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Helps make my skin softer and smoother.
  • Didn't cause any negative reaction.
  • Reasonably-priced as one tube lasts three to four months.
  • Available only and in various Watsons branches nationwide.
  • Smells good.

  • Can't get rid of deep-seated blackheads.


Luxe Organix Power Glow Creamy Whip Cleanser is a great product for those dealing with skin concerns including oily skin, blackheads and whiteheads. It helps make my skin soft, smooth and less oily. This is my current favorite cleanser for daily use and I'm thinking of trying the Luxe Organix Miracle Solutions for those stubborn blackheads and bumps. That one is not recommended for daily use though so I might use it twice or thrice a week only.

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