A Single Candy Wrapper

On my way home riding a public utility jeepney, I happen to sat beside a young man eating a sandwich and drinking orange juice in tetra pack. Eating in public vehicles isn't a big issue for me until... swosh! food wrapper and empty tetra pack came flying out of the window. I looked him with piercing eyes along with a hmp! sound to let him show my disgust. People throwing garbage anywhere really pisses me off! How the hell can a person manage to contribute in the destruction of the only place most suitable for humans to live in.

The earth is now very different from what it was thousands of years ago. As medicine, technology, infrastructure and lifestyle advances, the earth in turn is gradually deteriorating - loosing its beauty and grandeur. No one is to blame for this but the irresponsible people whose thoughts are filled with their own selfish motives.

All through the rest of the journey on my way home, I think about the present condition of the earth and the consequences that could possibly occur. I can't help but wander, "Can we survive living in another planet when the earth finally gave up?"

A single candy wrapper may seem harmless enough...

what if a million people think that way?

imagine what this world will be...

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