As a Young Mom

My mother and brother often describe me as suplada and maldita - a moody and brat girl who gets everybody's attention by just rolling my eyeballs, raising an eyebrow or stamping my feet. I'm often caught having row with my bro on just about anything - from unequal number of pillows to unequal amount of money given.

But that was when we're still young... When our baby arrived, I realized that I learned a lot. I learned that:

  • you can't always get what you wanted. Sometimes you have to step down your level and do the things you don't usually do (wash his behind after potty, give him a bath, etc.).
  • you will know that Shaun the Sheep is shown right after Mr. Bean and the episodes shown in the morning will be shown again in the aftertoons (afternoon). You will soon realize that you no longer need channel guide because you already mastered the show times and find out that you too is already hooked watching cartoons.
  • there is mama egg (chicken egg) and baby egg (quail egg) as well as mama spoon (tablespoon) and baby spoon (teaspoon). Any larger stuff is called mama stuff and its smaller size is called baby.
  • sleeping with only one pillow can be as comfortable as sleeping with four pillows (I love to sleep surrounded by pillows) if you're sleeping beside the kid.
  • you cannot get everything you want by just rolling your eyeball or locking yourself inside the room. Sometimes you have to do something silly and make a fool out of yourself to get the kid's attention.

The most important is...
  • you may not always get what you want but you can still be content and happy with what you've got - the love of a child.


one more thing... you never have to carry the child in your womb for nine months for you to become a perfect mom. Your good heart and willingness to do the job will suffice. Right? ;)

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