Since I stayed home whole Sunday, I was given the opportunity to do one of my past-times - tallying the number of people sent to their graves in one day. OK I get it! Making other people's moment of loneliness as my entertainment is not a very good idea but I can't help it. Living near the church leave me no option but to attend mass every Sunday and other days required by Catholic church, guess who is the priest giving the sermon based on his voice, listen to over used love songs during wedding ceremonies and my most favorite - tallying the number of mass held for people who are about to be sent to their final destination, their graves.

At the end of the day, the result I got is:

3 anticipated mass (twice in the morning and once in the afternoon)
2 funerals
1 wedding

I know I sound cruel and insensitive but I really do not intend to be one. It's just one of my ways to entertain myself while I'm doing nothing at home.

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