Though I started the year with a lazy and windy day, I know I will not go through the same mood throughout the year. I believe there will be sunny days as well as rainy days for me too!

And since I do not want to let the first day of the year ends without posting something, I gathered my thoughts and assess what I want to achieve this year. I want to call this list my "goals for 2010" instead of the more commonly used New Year’s resolution.

  1. SAVE!!
    I am planning to start a big project by the middle of the year and naturally, I need money to support the said project. I will minimize lavish meals, avoid buying things that are not really important and just be wise when buying things.

  2. Do household chores.
    I am absolutely not a spoiled brat but when it comes to household chores, I rarely do any because I have such a loving mother who wants to do everything for us. I will try to learn how to cook (not just fry), do the laundry (though laundry detergent damages my hands), iron clothes and clean the house more often.

  3. Do the mani/pedi on my own.
    I admit I'm kinda vain when it comes to nails especially toenails. I just want it clean and nice to look at. But the sad thing is, I am not good (and kinda lazy) in doing manicure and pedicure on my own. I have to pay others to do it for me. I could save a lot of money (and keep my nails healthy) if I do it by myself.

  4. Learn to do crafts.
    I am amazed by people who are good at various crafts such as knitting, crocheting, homemade accessories and others. These things will give me diversion from the daily grind in front of the computer. And besides, I can use the products as gift to others.

  5. Work performance.
    I admit I found myself slacking from work lately. Not only I do not want a low evaluation but I also want to give my best considering that my current client is the best so far since I started working in my present company (also my first job after college).

  6. Exercise.
    Exercise is needed not just by obese people but by people who used to have physically active lifestyle before introduced to the word "work" (that's me!). Apart from that, I find sweating a great way to relieve my stress and it also sets my mood right. Being such a moody person in addition to having a stressful job, I really need to exercise for the sake of my sanity.
These are the only goals I can think of so far. I will update this post if something pops in my mind.

Next year, 010111, I will go back to this post to determine the result of these goals.

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  1. good luck Cez.. we kinds have the same goals.. ehehe :D except for the mani/pedi thingy.. lol :P