Best Foot Forward

I love my body. Not that I have a to-die-for one but for obvious reason that this is the only body that I have. With my slim built, I stand five feet and six inches (which is usually the envy of my friends). There is no part of my body that I hate but there are also parts that would make me happier if they would have been beautiful. Nevertheless, I am still thankful that I have a complete set of hands, feet, organs and everything function as it should be... or so I think. And if I need to pick one part of my body that I'd be most proud to display, I guess I'd pick my feet. Not that I have an ugly face but I'd be more than willing to show the world my feet than my face. I love to look at it when I'm wearing a mary-jane type shoes or flat pumps. I love it more when it is neatly pedicured and colored with red blood nail polish. I even sometimes wish to model shoes not only to expose what I'm most proud of but also to get freebies and sponsorship (wishful thinking).

And since I fancy beautiful feet, it turns me off big time to see dirty feet in addition to dirty and long toenails. You may be the most elegantly-dressed person around but when I look down and see your disgusting feet, don't expect that I'll ever look at you again... kidding! Of course I do not judge a person aesthetically (much more by his/her feet) but I truly admire those who keep theirs clean and pleasant to look at.

I believe it is important for boys and girls alike or man and woman alike to have clean feet because for me, it reveals much of their personality. Someone once told me that one of the ways to determine if a person has good hygiene is to check out his/her feet. And I couldn't agree more!

I can go out and still be confident without make-up but I can't definitely feel the same when I have dirty feet and unpedicured nails. Nuff said!

(Inspired by a good-looking young girl whose feet I do not like)

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