My Grown Up Christmas List

It's like ages since the last time I made a post here. yikes! With all the parties, reunions and trips in addition to work, family life and love life, making a blog post is definitely not a priority on my to-do list. I even failed to make blog posts every 16th of the month for two months now... Sorry brother! :(

It's already 23rd of December I have not posted anything yet. So for my first (quick) post this month (and hopefully not the last), it'll be about my grown up Christmas list (though I already got my gifts...). :D

Shoes will always be a part of my list (Christmas, birthday, etc). But unlike other girls who want sky-high heels, I'd be content with sneakers or anything comfortable for my feet. My current cravings are Converse All Star Light in any color, Toms preferably red (I have this thing for red footwear but I haven't bought one till now) and espadrilles. In the absence of shoes, bedroom slippers will do. :D

I'm definitely not fond of makeup... but that was before. I'm not quite sure why but I just find myself scouring the cosmetic sections each time I visit the mall. Maybe vanity is hitting me. Lipstick in nude, coral, light pink and plum colors will be highly appreciated.

Overnight or weekend bag
I prefer nature-tripping than going to bars on weekend so I definitely need a sturdy bag that is large enough to fit my entire cabinet... err my stuff that I'll need for a night or two. The one I'm currently using is a bit small for all my things (gotta learn how to pack light).

Skin Care Gift Certificate
I think there is nothing more relaxing than getting a spa or facial for free. Pamper yourself without hurting your pockets! :D

All-expense paid trip to one of the islands or cities here in the Philippines will be greatly appreciated.

I am absolutely not expecting that I'll be getting one of these this Christmas unless I get one for myself. But who knows? Someone with a good heart might come across my blog and send me a pair of red Toms on the 25th. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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