Missing In Action

Been MIA for like forever. I actually have a few ideas on what to post but I'm just too busy to write something coherent for my readers to understand what my crazy mind wants to convey. With work, family, love life, friends and personal goals to manage, who wouldn't get so busy? (Lame excuse for being lazy... LOL!). I even considered deleting this blog due to frustration but being such a sentimental fool, I just can't part with something that I considered my companion through thick and thin and the outlet of my emotions when I don't feel like talking to anyone. Besides, I spent lots of sleepless nights making this blog's layout pleasing to my eyes so I cannot just throw away my effort that easily.

Anyway, I am still thankful that I get a few visitors despite my lack of post. I wanted to update this more often so here's hoping for more ideas sans laziness. haha! Stay tuned! :D

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