A Photo A Week - Reward

There is no subject as fitting as this -     my agent of the month award for the months of January and February. Although this award is not as great as awards such as being the best employee of all time, I have all the reasons to brag about it. In our company, if you are recognized as agent of the month, it simply means that you do not have lates, absents or under times in your daily time record. Considering my daily time record during the previous months and years, one can say that it is impossible for me to be given such award.

It's difficult to fight the urge to go back to bed each morning. It is equally difficult to take a bath, get dressed and eat breakfast hastily. But then, success comes to those who are determined to get what they wanted. So here I am, munching on the prize given to me - four bars of snickers.
Though I have monster belly, certificate signed by the award-giving body a.k.a the admin would be appreciated. I can buy snickers and make others believe that it was given to me as a reward however with certificate complete with signatures and seal or logo stuff, you can only get it from them - our admin.

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