Bohol Trip Day 2 - Bohol Countryside Tour

After a night of breathtaking laughter’s (over the day's pictures) and undisturbed sleep (due to tiredness), we leave E.A.T Danao for what they call the countryside tour. Our destinations include:

Choco Complex
Similar to Sagbayan Peak, the Choco Complex is also a viewing deck but is more crowded with tourist’s locals and foreigners alike. There is a wishing well at the top but doesn't have tarsier sanctuary.

Choco complex

Man-made Forest
A two-kilometer rainforest wherein the mahogany trees are almost of the same height.

Hanging Bridge

After passing by the winding road in the middle of the man-made forest and taking jump shots in the middle of the wet road, our adventurous side is yet again tested in a bamboo hanging bridge that crosses the upper part of Loboc River. It is approximately 40 meters long and hangs 25 meters above the river. Crossing the bridge is fun yet a bit scary because the bridge sways and bounces each time someone takes a step.

Rio Verde Tarsier's Place
Another area where people can get close to Bohol's famous tarsier. There are souvenir items in this area too.

Rio Verde Floating Restaurant
We originally wanted to go to Loboc Floating Restaurant but we felt that the cost of buffet lunch is too much so the van driver suggested a different floating restaurant that is cheaper yet offers the same or better foods, the Rio Verde Floating Restaurant in Loay. With Php 300 per head, guests are entitled to a buffet lunch while cruising the river from Loay Bridge to the;

Ati Tribe Community

Largest Python in Captivity (Alburquerque)
Here we met Prony, a 25-foot python believed to be the largest python in captivity.

Aproniana Souvenir Shop
Every trip is not complete without souvenir or pasalubong shopping. Shirts, bags (mostly native), hankies, shawls, delicacies and many other souvenir items can be bought here.

After our pocket-damaging activity at Aproniana, we proceeded to Paragayo Beach Resort in Panglao. We stayed there for a night but too bad I wasn't able to join the group's beach side activity for our relative who is based there picked me up at the resort and brought me to there house for dinner. We even went to Tagbiliran City for sight-seeing and grocery shopping. It was already around 9:00 pm when I get back to the resort.

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* Man-made forest and hanging bridge photos are taken by Rod. :)

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