Bohol Trip Day 3 - Panglao

We are supposed to go boating on the 3rd day but we weren't able to push through due to time constraints. Instead, we comforted our selves at the clear water and white-sand beach of this area the locals likened to Boracay. Much like Boracay, there are a few hotels, various resorts as well as restaurants and bars along the beach.

At night, there are also fire dancing shows but I wasn't able to witness one since I separated from the group.

At around 9:00 am, we leave Paragayo Beach Resort and travel back to Tubigon Port. We could have leave Bohol via Tagbiliran Port since it is nearer but we chose to go back to Tubigon to maximize our road trip. Additionally, ferry fare of Tubigon - Cebu is only Php 200 as opposed to Tagbilaran - Cebu which is Php 500. Travel time is 45 minutes and 1 hour and 45 minutes, respectively.

If you are looking for rent-a-van service, please drop a comment or leave your contact information below.

* Pictures are taken by Rod.

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