Review: Black Radiance Eyeshadow Quartet 8806 Perfect Tone

Product Description:
Black Radiance Eyeshadow Quartet illuminates the eyes with colors that brighten and enliven. Long wearing. Crease resistant. Eyeshadows in four soft, blendable shades create beautiful multi-fashion looks.

I bought this eye shadow quad a few months ago but I only made the review just now because I wasn’t really into eye shadows before. I was once a “dash of blush on and pink or red lipstick and I’m good to go” gal but then one day, I realized the need to reinvent myself and add more color into my face thus the frequent use of this.

Black Radiance is a US makeup line distributed by Marwins Beauty Products Inc, the same company that distributes Wet n’ Wild products. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular from this eye shadow quad given the price and lack of review from other users. But since I was aiming for neutral look and my only option is this quad during that time, I decided to go for it.

The product comes in a black plastic case but the texture of the case appears like sticky rubber to me. This may not be carded but it has plastic safety seal to ensure the buyer’s protection. This Black Radiance eye shadow also comes with two one-sided sponge applicators as well as a small mirror attached to the lid. Over time, the case has attracted makeup residue so if you can see mine, you will notice brownish spots in some areas. :D

What I like about this product:
Though the colors are soft, for me the formulation is highly pigmented hence you will never have to use large amount of product and apply again and again to come up with the desired shade. They are easy to blend too and can create multiple looks with this quad alone. Additionally, with eye shadow primer, the eye shadow stays on my lids for more than eight hours. The creases, if ever they appear, are not easily noticeable. Amazing isn’t it?

What I do not like about this product:
Despite the satisfactory performance of the eye shadow on my skin, I find this a bit dusty. Even when I gently rubbed the sponge applicator on the product, the compact eye shadow turned powdery. No wonder eye shadow particles are all around the container. When applying eye shadow with a brush, I also noticed eye shadow particles fell off my lashes and eventually under my eyes. The packaging looks cheap to me as well. As what I have said, the case is like a sticky rubber that tends to magnet every particle that it comes in contact with (Try sticking scotch tape or packing tape into a surface. When you remove the tape, you will see some sticky residue. That is what I meant with the sticky rubber packaging.). :D

left-right-down-up (palette)

Will I repurchase?
Though I like the staying power and pigmentation of this eye shadow, I probably won’t buy one any time soon. Aside from its limited availability in my area, my goal right now is to try various brands/type so I have slim chances of buying this product.

When applying this eye shadow, it is better to use sponge applicators to avoid fall off and scatter eye shadow particles in your eye area. If you prefer using eye shadow brush, do not forget to tap off the brush before applying to remove excess. Another thing to bear in mind is to clean the container after every use. Doing so will prevent particles from transferring to one pan from the other. It will also make the quad look clean.

Ingredients  (First ten only):
Talc, Mica, Zinc Stearate, Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Isostearyl Palmitate, Phenoxyethanol, Lanolin Alcohol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben and Oleyl Alcohol


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