A Photo A Week: Samsung Galaxy Pocket

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is not really something to brag about since it isn’t really one of the high end phones today. But it deserves an entire post in my blog since this is the first ever phone that I got for myself. All my previous phones were given to me by my cousin and uncle who work abroad thus explains why I haven’t gotten one for myself then.

Well... I didn’t really buy it because it is under the SMART’s Plan 349 but since I am paying for it, I think it is also as good as I am buying it (on installment basis... LOL).

Another reason why the phone is featured in this series: it’s my first ever touch screen and android phone. LOL! Yeah, I am naive when it comes to mobile phones and stuff so getting a phone that is totally different from my old ones is a major event for me.

This phone may not be as powerful compared to other of its type in the market but my simple lifestyle with simple needs is enjoying its features. Not only I am entitled to unlimited text (comes with the plan) but I can also connect to the internet in areas with wifi. Pretty cool for a person like me who prefers email, chat and social networking for communication. I can kill time by playing games too. I still have to find out how this gadget fares when used for blogging.

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