Crochet: Granny Square Cellphone Pouch

Finally! This granny square project is already usable. It took me more than a couple of weeks to finish such a small project because I was busy with work, part time gig, blog and of course family and love life.

Apart from that, this is the most complicated design/project I have done so far because I haven’t had experience in joining granny squares. I initially wanted to just create four squares and join them together to create a cellphone pouch with string in which I can use when I go jogging. However, ideas arise along the way causing me to rip, crochet again, rip and so on until I end up with this. I also wanted to join the squares as I go but I find the method complicated so I decided to finish crocheting the squares and sew them instead, which I think the reason why this has become more complicated.

I wanted to create a sturdy strap but knowing that it’ll take more time to crochet one, I instead created a long chain of blue and white yarns and braided them loosely. Reliable strap in an instant! On the other hand, I wanted the button to be something cute but I don’t have the time to shop around so I settled for this black one I found in my mother’s stash.

Though it didn’t end up the way I wanted it to be, I’m quite happy with this project. I learned some techniques, which I can use on the next project I am eyeing - crocheted earrings. Watch out!


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