Review: All Organics Charcoal Bath Soap

Product Description:
Pollutants that constantly build up on our skin can clog pores, tamper with oil levels, and accelerate aging, so Milea harnessed the beauty benefits of charcoal to fight these toxins, producing a soap that cleanses, purifies and balances the skin. It contains Virgin Coconut Oil and activated charcoal from coconut shells. The oils nourish and moisturize, while the highly absorbent charcoal draws out impurities.

Milea's Organic Charcoal Soap also acts as a natural disinfectant, killing germs while it gently removes dirt and dead skin cells. It’s gentle enough to use every day and helps improve skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

If you’re still concerned about the fact that the soap is black, worry not. When applied to the skin, the soap is still black as it liquefies, but works into a creamy, luxurious lather that’s light gray—almost silver—and then rinses away totally, leaving your skin glowing. You can almost feel the impurities being lifted from your skin, while you soak up rich moisture in exchange. It’s the freshest clean you'll ever experience, and it lasts all day!

Photo courtesy of Milea

Usually, it took me around a month to determine whether or not a particular product is for keeps. However, this All Organics Charcoal bath soap is exempted. Not that I am paid to do instant review but because of how this soap works on my skin. I already noticed positive effects as early as one week, something which is not common among other skin care products I have tried before.

If you will just look at this soap, you might even hesitate using this because of its color which is black (it’s not called charcoal for no reason). But since using a black soap is not new to me (I used Cyleina Black Pearl soap for months), using this charcoal soap doesn’t feel at all. Same with other All Organics bath soap, this variant comes in rectangular bar of about half an inch thick. The regular size costs Php 70 but I only got the sampler size which costs Php 25 because the regular size is not available at the time of purchase.

The soap claims to fight toxins and cleanses, purifies and balances the skin. Additionally, it also acts as natural disinfectant and removes dirt and dead skin cells. Below is what I have to say...

Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil, Activated Charcoal, Vegetable Glycerine, Manila Elemi Oil

What I like about this product:
I like that I got this soap comes in sampler size. As what I am always saying, buying products you haven’t tried before in small or sampler size is a practical move since you are not sure yet if you will be using it up until the product runs out. It would be a waste to buy large bottles or bars only to find out after a few uses that the particular product does not suit your body’s needs. Though this sampler size is really, well small, I believe it will last for a couple of weeks when used in the face, neck and a few areas of the body only and when stored properly. Black as it is but it doesn’t have strong smell too. It has that typical organic soap smell but nothing I cannot tolerate. When lathered, you won’t even know that you are using a soap derived from charcoal properties.

Like other organic soap, this soap stings a bit especially when left in the face for a minute or so however, the sting also gives that something-is-sucked-off-of-my-pores feeling, which for me is an indication that the product is doing its job to improve the skin. I also love that squeaky-clean feeling I get right after I rinse thoroughly.

My love for this soap doesn’t just end there. Less than a week after my first use, the dark pimple scars in my face started to peel hence lightening the skin. I am seriously hoping that a few more weeks of regular use will eliminate all the pimple scars that have been bothering me for the longest time ever. Additionally, the appearance of blackheads started to improve as well. Those black annoying dots in my face are no longer as visible as before. Thanks to this soap and probably to the Lemongrass toner from the same company.

The soap can be drying to those with normal or combination skin but not to those with oily skin like me. It doesn’t cause tightness either. This is my HG organic soap right now!

What I do not like about this product:
The only thing I do not like about this product is its availability. I don’t think the malls in my area carry this brand nor the brand does have shops anywhere in Iloilo. I rely on online sellers for my consumption. Good thing a friend is a dealer.



  1. hi~ I find your your blog very informative..iwould like to know since you have been using Milea and Cycleina organic soaps, which do you think is a lot better?

    Have you tried Milea VCO soap with coco cream?

    HOw much is the sampler size of milea soaps? thanks a lot..

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I like Cycleina Black Pearl soap more than Milea organic soaps. Sampler size of milea soaps are around Php 15 - 20. I got mine from my friend's bazaar.

    I haven't used any Milea products other than organic soaps and lemongrass toner. :)