Review: Dove Ultimate White Deodorant

I am not big on switching deodorants. For me, doing so is like a major life decision because I can’t just go around when I know I am not confident with the protection my deodorant can give me. So when this deodorant first came out in the market, I wasn’t really excited at all. Just a bit curious perhaps!

Actually, I was a Dove deodorant user back in college and a few years after college grad. But then, it came to a point when I feel like I am no longer contented and happy with the product. Not that the product is no longer effective but then, the body changes, same with the needs and preferences. Hence I looked for a new deodorant and found my needs in Deonat. Deonat is one of the best deodorants I have tried and I am loving it even until now. However, like any other girl who never ceases to look for the best, or better than the one they think is the best, and due to my cousins good words, I decided to give this product a go.
Dove Ultimate White Deodorant comes in three types; roll on (40ml for php 95), stick (40g for Php 170) and deo spray (mini deo for php 115 and 169ml for Php 195). My cousin, whom opinion I asked, prefers the stick variant but then I do not like the white residue I sometimes get from stick variants thus I chose the roll on type.

The roll-on variant comes in an inverted bottle with screw cap. The bottle is light gray and is accentuated with pink-themed graphics. I have been using this for around a month already and here is what I think about the product:

Product Description:

What I like about this product:
Funny because during my first use, I was a bit disappointed with the smell. I was like “oh I won’t be using this again... ever!” But being the persistent and stubborn that I am, I used it again and everything changed. I became addicted to it to be honest. There are times when I notice myself unconsciously smelling my underarms. LOL! The smell of this product needs some getting used to.

The product claims to restore skin and to even whiten underarms with regular use and indeed, I notice some improvements with my skin color within a month of use. It’s not like I have dark underarms but it isn't as white as I wanted it to be due to chicken skin. Thankfully, this product is being true to its claim of improving the skin color. The product gives that smooth feeling once absorbed by the skin. And in my case, it provides more than 24 hours of protection. Yes, I did a 48-hour test (with no strenuous exercise or physical activity, just my regular daily routine) and I didn’t get that much-dreaded body odor.

I’m not sure if others get the same reaction too but during the first few days of use, my skin feels coarse when I wash or shower at night especially if I’m not using a moisturizing soap (Hello Dove bar!). I think the deodorant helps shed dead skin. I’m not getting that reaction now by the way.

Dove Ultimate White deodorant has Omega 6 in ¼ moisturizing cream, glycerin, sunflower seed oil and licorice root extract which are known for having good effects on the skin.

Another thing to love about this product is the packaging. It comes in an inverted bottle hence I can use it all up without difficulty. I don’t need to position it upside down a few minutes before using. The large roller is also a plus! Two or so swipes are enough to cover the whole underarm area. The 40ml roll on may last for a couple of months or so because a long goes a long way.

I also love that the product's manufactured and expiry date is printed on the cap.
What I do not like about this product:
This deo is not absorbed by my skin as fast as Deonat does. Deonat dries in a matter of seconds after application but this one takes a bit longer than that.

I also do not like that some of my tops’ underarm area turn a bit yellow. I wish the brand will do something to eliminate or at least lessen staining the clothes.

Will I repurchase?
Yes! I think the pros outweigh the cons so I will definitely buy this again.



  1. Thanks for your review Rural Dame, it helped me choosing my own deodorant. Well, I've been searching the net for the best deo that i could find in the philippines. Hehe. :) God Bless!

  2. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the comment. I'm glad that my review helped you in deciding which deo to buy. I am using this until now and so far I'm still ok with it. I just have to exfoliate every few days though as this tend to cause product build up. :)

  3. Is this paraben-free also like the Pure White?
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  4. Hi! I'm using this deodorant too for several months now. I unfortunately have dark underarms and I have already used a number of deos from diferrent brands. So far, the only one I've seen a lightening is on this one. The 7-day challenge is not a completely true claim but Dove really does whiten underarms. I think to constantly use it will bring forth the desirable result. And I think I still experience shedding until now. And I have to agree with the staining and slow drying. =( I'm quite happy with the result - slowly but surely. I hope it will give a lot of difference soon.

  5. Hahahaha. Same! I also used Dove deo before then I switched to Deonat. Then, I looked for reviews about this Dove ultimate whitening product because I got one (for free). Just sharing! Thanks for your review.