Review: Crocs Women's Sexi Sandal

Gone are the days when I frown each time I see anything Crocs. Those bulky clogs that cost as much as Php 3,000.00 are too much for my eyes (and fashion sense) to bear. But when I discovered the recent designs and models they came up with, I became a convert. I drool seeing those brightly colored strappy sandals like this scarlet Sexi Sandal I recently got. This is available for Php 2900 at various Crocs store nationwide but I got mine from a friend who ordered from the US for almost 30% less.

This lovely Sexi sandal is made of lightweight plastic material similar to other Crocs footwear. It is also available in navy (blue), oyster (white) and espresso (brown). Crocs Sexi sandal has contoured footbed, treaded sole and the heel is approximately half an inch thick. Unlike the footbed which is solid red, the strap is transparent or jelly-like.

Product description:
Crocs marries its reputation for lightweight ease with a sleek, grown-up style in the Sexi sandal. This understated offering boasts a classic T-strap construction with a buckle for a secure fit. A contoured footbed promises Crocs comfort while the treaded sole grants good grip wherever you wander in this lovely find.

What I like about this product:
I love that this pair of sandal can go with almost every outfit. I have worn this with my jeans, skirt, shorts and casual dress and I really love how each ensemble looks. It gives me that comfortable feeling without being too underdressed when worn with shorts or jeans and t-shirt. When worn with dress or skirt on the other hand, the sandal makes the ensemble really look without being too girly or sophisticated. This is my go-to sandals now, when doing grocery shopping, strolling around and even when I go to work.

Another thing I love most about this sandal (and many other Crocs footwear) is that you can wear it rain or shine. You never have to worry about it getting soiled with mud or anything because it is very easy to clean. You can just throw it in the basin and wipe with sponge and ta da! it looks like new again. If you are not fond of soaking your foot wear in the water or doesn’t have time to wait for it to dry, you can also wipe it with moist sponge or cloth.

I am a size eight and the size eight fits me perfectly. The t-strap is just right, not too tight nor too loose for my slim feet. The strap is soft and this pair hasn’t caused any blister or whatsoever. Also, it’s not slippery even when walking in wet surface or when the footbed is wet.

What I do not like about this product:
This sandal sometimes makes my feet a bit moist (but not stinky!). LOL!

I bought this sandal in the hopes of aiding my ailing heels (probably due to plantar fasciitis) without looking frumpy but unfortunately, this doesn’t deliver. My heels still hurt like hell especially with prolong walking and standing and I don’t think this footwear is the solution.


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