What I Got From Blogging

My colleague and I were discussing about domains and other stuff related to blogging and we came to a point when we talk about the benefits we get from it. Our short conversation made me think further and question myself, “What am I getting from it?”
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Blogging takes time, patience, creativity and dedication. The lack of those will lead you to a few posts and disappointment for not having enough to post. I have seen so many blogs (and even own a few) left into oblivion with only five or so posts. I sometimes wonder what happened to the owners of such blogs. Did they run out of ideas to post? Don’t they have the time to update their blog often? (cough) This blog would have met the same fate had I not force myself to keep on thinking and writing.

With all those effort I spent for this blog, sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. The answer is always a resounding YES! I may not have gained enough in terms of monetary (I earned less than $20 from Adsense and around Php 500 from Nuffnang all these years) but my effort is well paid. Due to my blog, I learned basic html, Photoshop and other skills that can help me maintain my site. I learned not just SEO and social media promotion but also how to interact with my fellow bloggers and respond to queries about ads, sponsorship and the likes. I learned about affiliates and other ways to earn money through various online activities. I learned to be keen on things and sharpen my mind so as I will have something post-worthy. It helped me learn time management too!

Blogging gives me that sense of fulfillment each time I publish a post, a reader posts comment or just a mere rise on the number of site visits. The freebies or tokens I got for voluntarily doing a few reviews I did are just an added perks. I am not earning as much as other bloggers (though of course I want to :D) but what I have gained so far is enough to keep me going. The benefits I got are immeasurable but will surely last for years.

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  1. I hear yah! Though we love extracting creative juices and putting them into text, the added perks of a sponsorship and extra income aren't too bad. But admit it, we love blogging so much that nothing can keep us away from it. :)