EON Card Renewal

Finally! I got my new EON card a few days back without too much hassle at all. Before applying for renewal, I searched the internet for info I might find useful when renewing my expired EON card and I found mixed reaction from people. (My paranoia can take me up to page five of Google to read relevant information. You can’t blame me, I simply want a hassle-free transaction and I do not want to miss any procedure that could potentially delay my transaction.)

Going back to the topic, a lot of EON card holders said that renewing the card requires Php 150 renewal fee but when I applied for mine a few days before the expiration date (April 30), the teller advised me to wait for April 30 or beyond so that I will not be required to pay the renewal fee. So that’s it! You will be required to pay the renewal fee only if you want it renewed the day before the expiration date. Since I’m not in the hurry to get a new card, I decided to wait for the expiration date.

I went back to Unionbank last May 3 to finally apply for renewal and after filling and signing a couple of forms, I was given a receipt with my info and the branch’s phone number to inquire if my new card is ready for pickup. I was told that the card will be available within 3 - 5 days but I waited for one week before contacting them. It was only after I called when I noticed that my name is misspelled on the receipt... again. My paranoia started because of my previous issue regarding this but what I sigh of relief upon seeing that they got it right this time. I activated the card a few hours after I received it and edited my PayPal info so I’m all settled out now.

My new card is good for another three years and I really hope that I will be utilizing it more often... if you know what I mean. ;)

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