Dinagyang Guide: Where to Stay

2014 Dinagyang Festival is set to happen this coming weekend and those who have decided to witness this world class festival may have made some arrangements already. However, to those who are going but haven’t decided yet where to stay, I would like to give you a piece of advice. Since roads are closed to vehicles for this two-day event, you may want to consider hotels and pension houses near the hot spots or where the events are taken place to save you from walking long distances and provide you ease and comfort while you enjoy the sight and sounds.

Basically, there are four stages or judging area wherein the tribes are required to perform. So if your main goal is to witness the performances of various tribes/contestants, these are the areas you need to go to. Below is a list of four judging areas/stage, their locations and the hotels and pension houses around them.
  • Stage 1. Freedom Grandstand
  • Stage 2. Iloilo Provincial Capitol
    • Days Hotel
    • Century 21
    • River Queen Hotel
    • Riverside Inn
    • The Residence Hotel
  • Stage 3. Quezon-Ledesma St.
    • Ong Bun Pension House
    • Century 21
    • The Residence Hotel
    • People’s Hotel   
  • Stage 4. Maria Clara
    • Circle Inn
    • City Corporate Inn
    • Iloilo Grand Hotel
Dinagyang fun isn’t limited to downtown area alone. Parties and concerts extend up to Diversion Road area where the city’s nightlife currently thrives.

Smallville & Boardwalk Complex
  • Diversion 21
  • Smallville 21
  • Highway 21
  • Arthur Suites
  • Sarabia Manor Hotel
  • Iloilo Business Hotel
  • Westown
  • Hotel del Rio
  • La Fiesta Hotel
Hotels sell like hotcakes during this time of the year so you better make your reservations now.


  1. Thanks for coming to my blog! I really hope I can do a tour of Panay soon. Did you go to the festival? I'd love to see photos of the event!


  2. aw! sayang we can't make it this year. sana next year matuloy na kami! i've heard great stories from relatives about dinagyang. ^_^


  3. Hi Mrs. Diaz,

    Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to witness the festival this year as my mom was hospitalized and got discharged the day before the festival highlight started. We still have next year to enjoy it! :)

    Yes, you should witness it even just once. You will surely love it (except for the traffic and lots of walking since the roads are closed). :D

  4. I haven't seen any festivals here in the country, I'm hoping that I could join the fun next time.