Review: Deonat Mineral Deodorant Stick

I am not the type of person who changes my deodorant as often as I change my lipstick or even powder. I just find it difficult to build a trust on a new product when underarm smell is concerned. I am very particularly when it comes to protection my deo gives me. I just couldn’t afford to smell like I have a bad underarm odor even on just one occasion. For me, I’d rather have ugly underarms than a smelly one. But if I can have both pretty and odor-free, then why not?

I have been using Dove Ultimate White Deodorant for years but using the same product for such a long time can get boring at times. Besides, I am slowly switching to using natural products so while I was at the Human Heart Nature store one evening, I picked up their Premium Deodorant out of the blue. I have been reading not-so-good reviews about it but then, I believe that what did not work for others may work for me so I went ahead with the purchase. However, after a few days of use, I have proven that the product is not really for me so I went to look for other alternatives. Then I came upon this Deonat Mineral Deodorant Stick. Actually, this is not the first time I use a product from the brand because I loved their Natural Mineral Deodorant Roll-on before so I am somewhat hopeful that this will not fail me.

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Product Description

Deonat Mineral Deodorant Stick is safe and effective deodorant made from ammonium alum and contains no colouring, preservative or any other additive that could irritate the skin.

It reduces perspiration, leaving the skin it touches dry and comfortable.
It prevents the bacteria that cause body odor.
It provides protection all day long.
It does not stain clothes.
It does not leave any filmy residue.
It does not block pores, and whitens the underarm area naturally.


Packaging and Appeal. There is nothing particular about the packaging or even the product itself. The product may be just a simple alum but the difference of it from those we buy at a lesser price is its shape and smoothness. This one is already smooth and ready to use while the rock-like one our parents made us use during our younger years is coarse and often has rough edges that can damage our skin if we are not too careful during application.

The deodorant stick is attached to a transparent yet small base and has transparent cap as well. However, I am not too happy about the packaging because a few days after first use, the stick separated from the base during application and the deodorant fell to the floor. Good thing, it didn’t break into pieces but it is no longer as smooth as before. I wish they can make the packaging more sturdy.

Effectiveness. I am always conscious each time I use a new deodorant for the first time because I fear that it may not give me the odor-protection I expected. This one is no exception. The first time I used the deodorant, my underarms felt sticky but that feeling disappeared when my underarms became dry. During the succeeding applications, I no longer get that sticky feeling I got during my first use. My skin must have gotten used to it.

When it comes to odor-protection, there is nothing to complain about on this one. No bad smell all day long even if I have been active or tensed. It doesn’t darken my underarm either! Another thing to love about this deodorant is that it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin. With Dove, I would often scrub my underarms every other day to get rid of the deodorant residues but with Deonat, I no longer see the need to do so.

Scent. This deodorant is unscented.

Ingredients. The product contains alum crystal only.

Price. The small stick costs Php 132 and the bigger one costs not more than Php 180. Seems like the small stick will last me more than a year of daily use so it is really affordable.

Availability. Deonat products are available in most department stores, grocery and drugstores nationwide.


Aspects Rating
Packaging & Appeal 3.5/5
Effectiveness 5/5
Scent 5/5
Ingredients 5/5
Price 4.5/5
Availability 4.5/5
Overall Rating 4.59/5

Will I purchase again?


If you are sick of deodorants staining your clothes, darkening your underarms, leaving residue on your skin and not giving you the protection you need, you may want to try Deonat Mineral Deodorant Stick. It is effective, easy to use and reasonably-priced! But as what I am always saying, what works for me may not work for you so use with caution.


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