Looking Back and Moving Forward

2014 was a rollercoaster year for me. The down: my mother was hospitalized, undergone surgery and we learned that her cancer has progressed to Stage 3. The up: I got married to a responsible, loving and funny man. When I look back to what transpired last year, I couldn’t help but thank the Lord for all the blessings he showered upon me particularly during the days when I felt so down and helpless. He never abandoned me and instead sent his angels in the form of family, relatives and friends to help me get through the difficult situation I was in.

With my father and only brother dead (there’s just me and my mother), it can be difficult for me to face the world with a cancer-stricken mother but I managed to survive the turbulence with the Lord’s guidance and support from the people around me. Truly, I am thankful for what I have.

With regards to my blogging, oh well, 2014 was kind of disappointing as I failed to reach the quota I set for myself. I should have posted at least eight posts per month (at least 96 for the whole year) but I only reached 79. I tried my best but I am not always the most dedicated and focused person thus the failure. Besides, I have lots of shoes to fill; daughter, wife, employee (with part time work), niece, friend and many others so my failure in blogging is partly due to the people that really matters. :D

Despite that failure, I won’t be changing my blogging goals this year. My eight post per month quota is still on. I hope I can do better this year though I know this year will be busier than the last since my husband and I have a couple of BIG plans for our family: baby and new house. We all know that these two are something to be taken seriously and the former will surely take a lot of my time so that will definitely affect my blogging. But then, as what my husband always tells me, “it will be worth it”. It would be understandable if I will not reach my quota AGAIN this year. LOL! At least, I’ll be adding a new topic in this blog - baby stuff!

To my readers, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and I wish that the Lord grants the desires of the hearts of everyone of us. Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy new year Ces. 70+ is not that bad na din. I'm really happy I found your blog. You have one of the more unique contents in terms of the products you feature.

    Take care!

    - Rae