Fresh From Japan: 360 Deodorant Hotate Spray

I am not be a clean-freak and in fact, I can’t be bothered if I haven’t done some cleaning in a week. Anyway, what can a dusty television do to you if you are not even using it? :D However, the smell of the house is a different story. Unpleasant smell annoys me, so much that I can drop whatever I am doing to deal with the cause of the smell. So when the people from 360 Deodorant emailed me asking if I can try their product, I thought for a while and knowing that this is a good opportunity, I replied with a yes.

360 Deodorant hotate spray is a natural shell deodorizer made in Japan. Hotate is the Japanese word for scallop shell so in other words, this deodorant is made from scallop shell which known to have strong deodorant effect.

The first time I used this product was when our room kinda smelled off after one rainy week. Our unpainted concrete outer walls must have absorbed the moisture from the outside thus causing the smell. I immediately got up of bed and sprayed this deodorant near the wall and to my surprise, the smell is gone within minutes. And since it is rainy season here in the Philippines, some of our air-dried clothes can smell a bit off too (despite the fabric conditioner) and the smell aggravated when these clothes are placed inside the closet. So I also sprayed our closet with this and like the first time, the smell disappeared within minutes.

360 Deodorant is potent in neutralizing the smell but it is equally health-friendly. In fact, it doesn’t give off any smell upon spraying. All it ever does is neutralize the smell of the area.

So if you are into household products made with natural ingredients, you may want to consider this one.

For more information about this product, visit their site here.

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