Forever Obsession: Cocktail Dresses

Being the only girl in the family as a kid, my folks would usually let me wear dresses in various styles, length and color. They find joy in seeing me wear frilly clothes in soft pink, blue, white and other light colors. I remember having to beg them to buy me a pair of denim jeans when I was a bit older since all I had were dresses and skirts. I may have gotten what I wanted but still, dresses remain a staple. Amidst the girly stuff they got me acquainted to, what stuck the most are short dresses, those which hemlines fall just above the knee. Even until now, I’m still obsessed with short dresses, aptly called cocktail dresses in adult terms. :D

For every occasion that doesn’t call for long gowns or dresses, I rely on my ever favorite cocktail dresses for many reasons. One, I think a short dress/skirts it enhances the legs. Two, I can move easily. For me, the cocktail dress is the perfect fit when you intend  to dance the night away or if you expect lots of moving around to mingle with guests. Third, you can “show a bit of skin yet remain decent” in it. Fourth, it gives my shoes equal exposure.

Now convinced that you need a cocktail dress in your life? Why not head over to Jecicadress? The site is loaded with dresses to match one’s body, color preferences and other requirements. Below are some of my favorite from this cocktail dresses gallery.

Tulle A-line Scoop Neck Short/Mini Beading Prom Dresses

Tulle A-line Scoop Neck Short/Mini Appliques Lace Prom Dresses

Organza A-line One Shoulder Short/Mini Appliques Prom Dresses

Chiffon Sheath/Column Jewel Short/Mini Rhinestone Prom Dresses

Organza Tulle A-line Scoop Neck Short/Mini Beading Prom Dresses

And these are just five of the many designs to choose from. Aside from the vast collection, it is great to know that these dresses can be easily acquired. As easy as one, two, three, in fact. One, choose your design. Two, place your order along with body measurement. Three, wait for it to be delivered. Just like that! You never have to spend precious hours and energy going around boutiques to look and try what they have to offer. 

With services like this, I think fueling my obsession with cocktail dresses will never be a problem anymore. I feel comfort in knowing that, any time I need a new dress, be it for a friend’s wedding, holiday dinner or high school reunion, there is one company out there whom I can turn to and help me be at my best. Dressing up for special occasion can be stressful but with, it will be just as fun as the party itself.

Dislaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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