Cloth Diapering Journey: Where I Got my Stash

Even before getting pregnant, I have always wanted to provide my future kids the best care I can possibly offer. And since I learned about this pregnancy, I have been searching high and low for tips on how to care for a child in modern times. One of the practices that is becoming popular among modern moms is the use of cloth diapers. No, not the same “lampin” popular during the time of our parents and grandparents but the modern ones tailored like a disposable diaper but washable.

I first learned about cloth diapers from my co-workers who resorted to these. Some of them gave up on using this for some reason while some continue to do so until their kids are potty trained. As for me and my husband, we decided to try this practice firstly because, we care about the environment. We, particularly the husband, have been trying to minimize our waste and avoid activities that could contribute to the destruction of earth and distract the natural order of things so this cloth diaper project is definitely a yes for us.

This cloth diapering system, however, is no joke. It has lots of parts to familiarize and involves washing and preparing as opposed to disposable diapers in which you just have to grab a pack from the grocery and throw them away once soiled. Additionally, with cloth diapers, you need a bit of cash to invest for a number of pieces your child needs. Thankfully, cheaper brands are now available and acquiring them is no longer as hard as before since there are lots of local sellers.

I already purchased 12 pieces from two different sellers and as per advised by other moms from a forum, I got three pieces for each kind/brand to find out which one will best suit my baby. I know my stash may not be enough for a newborn but I’m hesitant to buy more without trying first. And besides, I intend to use disposables for the first two weeks of our son as babies that young may not have established their bowel schedule yet and may use as much as eight diapers daily. Clearly, 12 pieces of cloth diaper is not enough.

Anyway, I am sharing to you the items I got and where I got them.

The above picture shows the first stash I bought. I got them from They are having a Christmas sale that time so I grabbed these few pieces only as these are the only designs/types left. Besides, we were not aware of the baby's gender that time so I made sure to get gender-neutral designs.
1. Type: Plain diaper cover
    Brand: Alva
    Price: Php 125 (original price: Php 140)   

2. Type: Plain cloth diaper pocket with microfiber insert
    Brand: Alva 3.0
    Price: Php 139 (original price: Php 220)

3. Type: Printed cloth diaper pocket with microfiber insert
    Brand: Alva 3.0
    Price: Php 149 (original price: Php 220)

I forgot to label the three inserts above. They're 5-layer bamboo/microfiber insert. I got them for Php 80. Originally price is Php 100.

This picture on the other hand shows the second stash I got. They are from They were also having a sale that time and fortunately, we already knew that we are having a boy so the colors are more gender-specific.

4. Type: Printed cloth diaper pocket with microfiber insert
    Brand: Naughty Baby
    Price: Php 165 (original price: Php 219)
5. Type: Printed diaper cover
    Brand: Alva
    Price: Php 135 (original price: Php 140)
6. Type: Printed cloth diaper pocket with microfiber insert
    Brand: Baby Land
    Price: Php 165 (original price: Php 219)
Obviously, I cannot review how each one fares since my son is not born yet but I will do so in the coming months. Hopefully I will be able to pull this off without having to pull my hair in frustration (when things won’t work out). :D

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