New Year, New Look!

As what I mentioned on my previous post, I hoped to change the look of this blog before the year ends and thankfully, I am able to do that. There might be some finishing touches to be done but at least I am done with most of the major stuff.

2016 is definitely an exciting year for me and my little family as we have big things ahead of us, especially for me and my husband. First of course is the birth of our little one! He/she is expected to be in our arms last week of April and we have started to prepare for that day. I have started to buy important stuff for the baby and thankfully, I don’t need to buy much since I have cousins whose children are older than mine so we expect a great volume of hand-me-downs from them. Big savings for a practical mom like me. Besides, I don’t mind letting my child wear second-hand items because I am sure the stuff we will be getting still look new since they are just slightly used.

My routine will definitely change as well. I am preparing myself for many sleepless nights, or at least, a couple of hours “nap” every night. I know becoming responsible parents takes a lot of adjusting but I’m sure we can get through it as we have been waiting for this moment to come.

As for this blog, this could take a back seat for a while but I will never abandon this as this has been a part of my life for years. This may not be as popular or great as other blogs in the same niche but I worked hard to get to this and I just couldn’t throw this away just like that. I aim to publish once or twice a month but I will try to do more when I have time. Actually, I think there will be a lot of things to talk about since I will have additional topics to talk about. I just have to learn to manage my time by then.

So… there! I think this is it for now. Wishing you all a prosperous 2016!

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