How to Create an Account with Shopee Using a Mobile Phone

What's a "helperless" mama got to do without online shopping and online banking? Eversince I became a mom, I've been relying on online shopping for my apparel and some baby stuff because I just find it difficult to go around malls and shop (especially clothes and shoes) with a baby in tow. I usually buy from Facebook sellers and I learned about through them. I recently gave it a try and so far I have nothing against this social marketplace. Actually, I have five reasons why I think Shopee is a great shopping site.

  • Your money is guaranteed safe since you will be paying through Shopee, not directly to the seller. Shopee will only release the payment to the seller when you mark your order received once you receive it.
  • Many sellers offer free shipping for orders Php 500 and above and 50% off shipping cost for orders Php 250 above.
  • There are various modes of payment available - cash on delivery (COD), remittance/payment centers (Palawan Pawnshop, etc), over-the-counter on Shopee supported banks and online transfer.
  • The seller/shop is rated/reviewed by the buyers thus giving you an idea what kind of seller you will be dealing with.
  • So many items to choose from. Creating an account with Shopee was easy but choosing which items to buy can be challenging because I want to buy a lot of stuff (though I don't think I need them). 😃

While I love Shopee, there are a couple of things that I think may deter other buyers from using the marketplace.

  • Processing of order may take time since the payment does not go directly to the seller. The buyer deposits or pay through Shopee which will confirm the payment before giving the seller the go signal to ship the order to the buyer.
  • The need to inquire to the seller the availability of a particular variation. For example I am buying a dress that is available in various colors. In order to ensure that I am getting the variation that I want, I need to message the seller first if it is available. Some sellers would even ask you for second and third option in case your first option is not available. Unlike in Zalora and LittleEmilyShop in which everything is automated. I wish they do something about this.

But despite that, I believe I had an amazing shopping experience with Shopee. I shopped in bed while breastfeeding my son. 😁

To create an account with Shopee using a mobile phone, here's a simple instruction that may help.

 On Shopee homepage, click the sign up button.

 You will then be redirected to this page which will require you to input your mobile number. Once this is done, you will receive a text message containing a code. Use this code to verify your mobile number.

 The page requiring you to input your email address.

The page for the login details.

Once this is done, you will receive an email with a verification link. This is to verify your email address. Use the link within 24 hours otherwise you will need to request for a new link.

Before you can do all this, you need to install the Shopee app to your device. Simply go to Google Play Store and search it in. Doing so is very easy and straightforward.

That's it! You are now ready to shop to your heart's content. Happy shopping!

Next time, I will be blogging about making a Shopee purchase through a mobile phone. Watch out!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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