The urban life can be tricky to traverse at times. The crowd, pollution, traffic and everyday hustle in general can get too much for someone especially for mothers with young children, more so those without house helpers or nannies. They cannot leave the kids in the house just like that and when they really need to go for something important, they've got no choice but to take their offspring with them.

If you are a parent, you know someone who is a parent or if you came across a parent out and about with her kid, you might have witnessed how inconvenient it can get especially when commuting and with all the stuff that needs to be brought - feeding bottles, milk dispenser, extra diapers and clothes, baby wipes and even toys to keep them entertained.

Fortunately, there are some ways to at least lighten a mother's "heavy load". UrbanizePh carries various stuff that are beneficial to mothers like me though these products are usually marketed for career women, business women or those who are into sports and adventures. Here are my five picks which I think can help me with my motherhood journey:

1. Elecom BM-BPO3 Series

This bag is described as a high performance business backpack and since motherhood is a serious business, this bag is also suitable for on-the-go mamas. Well, at least for me! The side opening is for feeding bottles, the rear compartment is for diapers, wipes and clothes and the flip-top compartment is for mama's valuable items such as mobile phones and wallet. With this bag, I never need to pile everything into one big pocket and dig for the items later when I need it since everything is neatly packed and segregated. I can easily reach out for my son's bottles or baby wipes when "nature calls" and the situation is "dire".

2. Cabin Zero Classic 44L - Ultra Light Cabin Bag

Out-of-town trips, or even an overnight staycation at a hotel with a toddler can be fun and tedious at the same time. But with the right bag for all the stuff I need, I won't dread the packing part of the travelling. With cabin Zero Classic 44L, packing and unpacking is a breeze because it opens wide allowing me arrange my stuff neatly. I love that it has zipped pockets as well as inside zipped and mesh pockets to secure small items or other items I would rather not get lost in the pile.

3. Sherpani Sonora Slouchy Tote

While there's nothing more important to us than taking care of our family, mother's need time off the kitchen, the laundry area or the messy playroom. Be it a day out with friends or me-time at the salon, this Sherpani Sonora Slouchy Tote will surely complete my look. It is big enough to accommodate my toiletries, wallet, phone and even a water bottle and light enough to carry all day long. 

4. Kiko Leather Journal

There are lots of applications and softwares to make listing, planning or budgeting easy but I always love the feeling of actually writing the things that must be done, the items to buy or the bills that must be paid. Filling a page and using up to the last page make me feel accomplished and happy.

5. Hellolulu Pili All-day Backpack

Pretty soon, my boy will learn to walk and eventually learn to do a lot of things on his own such as carry his own bag. I'm really looking forward to those moments! This Hellolulu Pili All-day Backpack is not only a great addition to his ootd but also a useful gear in teaching him to be responsible with his belongings. Be it his survival kit (a.k.a. feeding bottles) or lighter items such as extra clothes or toys, we can never go wrong with this bag.

Considering that I work from home and I am a 100% hands-on mama (reliable house helpers/nannies are extinct!), my lifestyle may seem typical (and even boring) to some but with these five items, they will not only help spice things up but will also make errands and days out more convenient and enjoyable even with a soon-to-be toddler in tow. 

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