Review: Skin Genie Pit Perfect Underarm Whitening Scrub and Cream

I've always been conscious about my pits for years, more so when I got pregnant and gave birth. It isn't very dark but it isn't flawless either. Actually, my major concerns are the tiny bumps we call chicken skin and underarm hair. I have tried various products to remedy the problem but nothing seems to work really well.

I temporarily gave up my quest for that perfect pits when I got pregnant and gave birth because I became busy being a hands-on mama but now that I have a little time to spare and felt the need to update my looks, I decided to pick up the quest again.

This scrub and cream duo from Skin Genie came with my very first BeautyMNL haul. I originally wanted to get the cream alone but upon reading the reviews of other users, I decided to get the scrub as well.


CLAIM TO FAME: A whitening cream that gently lightens dark underarms

FAST FACTS: Moisturizes and conditions; brightens and smoothens; works to control odor for all-day freshness; formulated with natural extracts that protect skin from pigmentation and dark spots; enriched with an herbal cream base, tea tree oil, and floral and papaya extracts

PERFECT FOR: Dark underarms caused by shaving and deodorants

CLAIM TO FAME: A whitening scrub that brightens and smoothens the skin under the arms

FAST FACTS: Absorbs and removes surface dirt and impurities for a fairer look; helps close pores; restores skin’s natural acidity; boosts elasticity; formulated with ground rolled oats, apricot kernels, apple cider vinegar, apple oil, papaya extract, herbal cream base, and phenoxyethanol

PERFECT FOR: Clean and soft underarms
Source: BeautyMNL


Packaging and Appeal. Both products came in plastic jars with twist cap lids. The jar for the cream is pure white and shorter but wider while the scrub came in taller and slimmer jar with brown lid. Both are opaque white but the scrub has brown mircobeads. I'd love it if both came in tube packaging as it is more hygienic.

Effectiveness. The products are not magic creams of some sort so don't expect to see positive result overnight, or even after a week. I have been using the duo for almost two months now (morning and night for the cream and twice a week for the scrub) and the result is very minimal. What I am trying to say is that the change is gradual. My underarm color has improved a bit and I'm truly happy for it. However, I don't think it did anything to smoothen my underarms. The bumps are still there and if it really did changed, it is something I cannot see with my naked eye. 

Scent. The scent! Ahhh the scent! Both the products smell ok for me BUT when applied to the skin, the cream made my underarms stink. Initially, I tried to ignore it and even remedied it by using the cream only at night and when I'm just staying at home. But then, my son tends to snuggle in my underarms when he's nursing and then one day, I noticed that his head smells like my stinky underarms... and that broke the camel's back. My skin must have reacted negatively to one of the ingredients of the cream.

Ingredients. The products contain natural ingredients such as alkaline water, herbal cream base, benzalkonium chloride, tea tree oil, floral xxtract, papaya extract.

Price. Both the cream and the scrub cost Php 200. I've been using the products for almost two months and I've consumed the cream less than half of the jar only.

Availability. Skin Genie products are not available in my city so I ordered online.


Packaging & Appeal
Overall Rating

Will I purchase again?


I would have wanted to stick to these products even if the result is kind of slow because they are organic, affordable and locally-made but sadly, I have to swear off to the cream because it made my underarms stink which is no-no for me. I am okay with the scrub, though, so I am using it until I empty the jar.


  1. Thanks for the helpful review! I've been thinking if I should purchase this online 'cause I also have dark and bumpy underarms...and since its also composed of organic ingredients it might have a positive reactive reaction to my skin (my skin has tendency of being "maarte" at times haha)

  2. Is this safe to use by pregnant woman?