Romantic Portugal: Top Places for Couples

Choosing the destination for your romantic trip is a very responsible task. If you know that your significant other is interested in visiting a particular country, you can book tickets and tell her to pack the suitcase. A trip together, especially if it’s your honeymoon, should be interesting for both. That’s why it’s important to discuss where you want to go. If both of you can’t make your minds as to the destination, we have something to recommend. Portugal. Until recently, tourists mainly overlooked this country and chose in favor of Spain. However, today Portugal is frequented by tourists, and for a reason. Lisbon is the most popular destination, but there many more romantic places in Portugal that are worth visiting. If you still do not have someone to go to such a journey, then you just need to meet single girls.

The Douro Valley

This is a region in the north of Portugal famous for its winemaking. People come here to enjoy the unique and fascinating landscapes created by the Douro River. You can stay in one of the wine estates, walk through the vineyards hand in hand and taste the local wines. Tasting authentic port is a must. Take a boat trip to enjoy the view of the scenery from the water and see the sunset.


Madeira is beautiful and welcoming in every season. High season lasts from May till September, but any time of the year is perfect for a trip as the temperatures are comfortable for tourists. Most of Madeira’s sights are natural attractions: mountains (Pico do Arieiro, Cabo Girao, Pico Ruivo), caves, extinguished volcanos, amazing waterfalls (Risço and Rabaçal), a relict of the old laurel forest (Laurisilva).


130 km away from Lisbon, there is an ancient town Evora. The labyrinths of narrow streets, old buildings, squares with fountains, the surrounding mountain landscape – all this makes Evora a unique city. History lovers will definitely like this town. Among the must-see sights are the Diana Temple and Chapel of Bones. Drive a few kilometers away from Evora to Montemor-o-Novo and stay there for a night to contemplate the clear starry sky.

Palace of Queluz, Lisbon

This palace, often nicknamed as the Portuguese Versailles, is one of the most important and famous buildings in Lisbon. The whole construction is a vivid example of the architectural style typical of the 18th century.

Jeronimos Monastery, Lisbon

Another romantic place in Portugal is the Jeronimos Monastery. It’s a former monastery of the Order of Saint Jerome in the suburb of Lisbon. Its sophisticated architecture, lace-like arches, carvings, and white walls contrast with the other buildings around. The history of the monastery is closely connected with the name of Vasco da Gama. This famous explorer and navigator spent here a night before sailing off for India.


If you travel to Portugal in July, don’t miss the chance to visit Agueda, where the famous arts festival is held. Romantic Portugal is associated particularly with the hanging umbrellas – this is a part of the festival. Take a day trip from Porto to Agueda and take a memorable photo of you two standing in the street under the cupola of umbrellas.

Quinta de Regaleira, Sintra

Sintra was recognized as the most romantic Portuguese city. A large residence Quinta de Regaleira is one of the most romantic places in Portugal. It impresses with its splendid architecture and unusual landscape. You can stroll around this manor for hours, exploring its territory and attractions – fountains, ponds, wells, and statues. Take a local guide to show you all the beautiful corners and hidden paths of this residence. For example, it’s possible to find a secret grotto only if you know which way to go.

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