Babi Goes To... La Puerta Al Paraizo

[Babi Goes To... is a series to document our travels with our child. This is to help other parents decide if the destination is ideal for their own children.]

It's officially summer in the Philippines! Have you been to the beach or any summer destination this year? If not, I have a suggestion for you. Go visit La Puerta Al Paraizo in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. We've been there last weekend and I fell in love with the place a few minutes after we got there. It's now my new favorite beach in Guimaras.

Villa Igang used to be a favorite but the beach in La Puerta is better in my opinion. It's calmer which is ideal even for young kids. My almost two-year old son didn't get scared playing along the coastline and I can even let him walk on his own in the water without worrying that he might fall due to strong waves. The beach isn't rocky as well which, again, is ideal for kids. During low tide, I love that the beach still looks as inviting.

La Puerta Al Paraizo is a private resort so it's not as crowded as the more popular Alubihod Beach. No loud music blaring from the videoke and because it is located in a large compound away from the highway, you will never hear honking of horns all day long.

The rooms are clean and well-maintained. We booked a family room that is good for six persons but since we are seven in the group, we just paid for one extra person. I think the room can even accommodate one more person, eight in total. Even the bathroom, equipped with hot and cold shower, is large. A friend even joked that one (drunk) person can sleep in the bathroom.

Another thing that adds beauty to the resort is the warmth of the people there. The staff are all friendly and accommodating. They are doing well in assisting us and making our stay worthwhile. We asked for extra pillows because we have two kids in our group and they granted our request without extra charge.

While I have all praises for the resort and the staff, the only thing I am not too happy about with our stay in La Puerta is the food. The dishes are too expensive for its serving and most especially, for its taste. The sad thing is, outside foods are not allowed so you have to endure their cooking. I hope they let their cook undergo training, tweak their recipe (their sweet and sour fish is swimming in banana catsup) or find a better cook.

Without considering the foods, I believe one can look forward to a truly relaxing stay in La Puerta Al Paraizo.

And oh! The resort has poor cellphone and internet reception so working while on vacation is a no-no.

How to get there

In Iloilo, head to Ortiz Port and ride a pump boat bound for Jordan Port in Guimaras. Regular fare from Iloilo to Guimaras is Php 14. In Jordan Port, there are various vehicles you may choose from - van, multicab, others. In our case, we rented a Crosswind (Trinity Transport) to take us to the resort. Rental fee (one-way) is Php 800. Multicabs charge Php 700. Your rented transpo will take you right inside the resort.

Room rates

Standard Room - Php 2800
One queen bed for 1 - 2 persons

Standard Room - Php 2800
Two single beds for 1- 2 persons

Superior Double Room - Php 3800
Two queen beds for 2 - 4 persons

Deluxe Double Room - Php 3600
One queen bed for 1 - 2 persons

Deluxe Double Room - - Php 3900
Two queen beds for 2 - 4 persons

Hilltop Room - Php 3600
One queen bed for 1 - 2 persons

Family Room - Php 4500
Three queen beds for 3 -  6 persons

Quad Room - Php 3900
One double bed and three single beds for 4 - 5 persons

Quad Room - Php 3600
One double bed and two single beds for 3 - 4 persons


  • They do not serve pork dishes.
  • Commuting to and from the resort can be hard. It would be convenient to rent a vehicle that will take you from the port to the resort and vice versa. For backpackers who prefers commuting, you may commute from the port to Nueva Valencia and rent a motorcycle or tricycle to take you inside the resort.

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