Review: Beauty Bakery Skin Perfecting Underarm Scrub

For my first post this year, I will be talking about the newest product I tried - the Beauty Bakery Skin Perfecting Underarm Scrub. Well, this isn't really new in the market but I have just discovered it and recently got one for myself. I learned about it through BeautyMNL where I also ordered mine.

I have been using this underarm underarm armor for two weeks now and I'm excited to share you my thoughts about this.


An underarm exfoliator that keeps the pits clean, fresh, and bright.

Contains crushed apricot seeds for mild exfoliation; infused with coconut butter that smoothens the underarm; has natural papain and tea tree extract to whiten the armpit; lightens uneven pigmentation; diminishes underarm odor; enriched with the anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil and coconut oil; prevents post-blemish scarring caused by plucking and shaving


Packaging and Appearance. The product comes in a white tub, nothing too fancy about it. The product itself is white in color and the consistency is thick. If you're familiar with Nivea Creme, it's thicker than that although it is easier to apply and spread out on the skin compared to Nivea. It contains crushed apricot seeds to help with exfoliation however, I find them a bit coarse thus I make sure to scrub gently to avoid damaging my underarm skin.

Effectiveness. I love how this product makes my underarms feel so smooth and clean. I believe it helps with my chicken skin issue which I've been trying to address for the longest time. It's still not as smooth as I want it to be but I'm now more confident to wear sleeveless tops and dresses because I can really see the improvement.

As for the whitening effect, I'm not sure if the result is significant since my underarms aren't that dark in the first place.

I use this product once a day, specifically at night, and skip deodorant so my skin can rest. The product claims to be deodorizing which I believe is only effective when I'm less active and that is during nighttime. When I'm out and know that I will be sweating a lot, I use my reliable deodorant because this product is unable to control the smell.

Scent. Its scent is minty which I find overpowering when applying too much. However, the scent disappears as soon as rinsed so it's okay with me.

Ingredients. It contains apricot seeds, coconut butter, papain and tea tree extract.

Price. One 50g tub is sold for Php 225. A little goes a long way.

Availability. This underarm scrub can be bought at BeautyMNL, Shopee, Lazada, it's official Facebook page and SM MOA.


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Yes, but it will take a while before I do so since one tub may probably last me a few months.


Beauty Bakery Skin Perfecting Underarm Scrub is a very promising product. It helps me improve the appearance of my chicken skin and made my underarm feel soft and smooth. It's affordable, locally-made and organic so it's proven safe for us. I'm definitely loving this product and will surely be using this for months and years to come.

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