Review: Lady Oral Contraceptive

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way associated with this product nor have medical background about this matter. I am simply a blogger who decided to share my experience with this product. If you are confused about the dosage, schedule, etc., better consult a doctor to be safe.

It wasn't my intention to hop from one brand of contraceptive pills to another but I just had to because the previous ones I tried are either not for me or no longer available in the market.

The latest brand I tried is the Lady Oral Contraceptive. At first I was hesitant to use the pill due to, I admit, the price. It's so cheap I felt doubtful if it will indeed serve its purpose or if it's really safe to use. But since I didn't had a choice that time, I decided to go for it. After all, I can always switch to other brands in case I find this unsuitable for me.


I take the first pill of the new pack after the last day of my 28th pill of the previous pack. Based on the leaflet that came in the box, the first pill should be taken after the seventh day of your pill-free days (for 21-pill pack) or the day after you took the last pill of the previous pack (for 28-pill pack). It can also be taken on the first day of your menstrual period or any day of the month as long as you are not pregnant. It's best taken at the same time each day.

Just like Charlize, Lady  is a 28-pill contraceptive, with the last seven pills as Iron supplement (Ferrous Fumarate).

What I like about Lady

  • I like that it made my period regular. I never missed my period since I started using this pill. For a woman like me with irregular period, this is very important.
  • Lady doesn't cause negative side effects - no pimples, nausea or dizziness. No weight gain as well!
  • It's not affecting my mood as much as the other brand I have tried before. I get grumpy and impatient days before my period comes but I don't think it's because of the pills.
  • Lady is available nationwide. Even the smallest pharmacies have it.
  • It's affordable too! Actually the cheapest contraceptive pills I have tried. One pack (good for one month) costs less than Php 50.

What I don't like about Lady

  • It made my breasts really painful I stopped using it.


Lady is an effective and affordable method to control pregnancy. However, I stopped using this brand after almost one year because it made my breasts really painful.

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