Review: Be Organic French Green Clay Soap

For more than a year, my husband and I have been using Be Organics Virgin Coconut Shampoo. We've been loving it so far and we have no plans to switching to other brands just yet.

Aside from Shampoo and conditioner, Be Organics also has lipsticks, soaps and other skin care products... all organic. Not so long ago, they released new soap variants and one of those is this French Green Clay soap. This particular variant claims to brighten the skin, shrink pores and improve skin complexion.

Read on to find out if it's being true to its claims.

Product Description

Be Organic French Green Clay Soap deep cleanses, soothes irritations and absorbs excess oils and dirt that clog pores leading to acne, pimples and blackheads.

It also effectively reduces acne/pimples, blackheads and pore size, leaving skin clear, smooth, oil-free with a radiant and balanced complexion.


Packaging & Appeal. Like most soaps, the French Green Clay soap is rectangular-shaped and is around 1 cm. thick. It's color is solid moss green, no speckles or glitters or anything. It is wrapped in a transparent plastic along with its label.

Effectiveness. My number one reason for getting this soap is its claim of reducing and preventing blackheads and whiteheads. I have been using this soap twice a day, morning and night, for around two months now and somehow, it is helpful in preventing these two skin issues. The appearance of blackheads and whiteheads in the cheeks area lessened but those deep-seated ones in my nose are still very much visible and goes back even after removing them manually. I think my pores are so pesky that the only solution I can think of is regular facial sessions.

The soap also claims to absorb excess oils. I'm not sure about this either. I tried skipping moisturizer after using this soap and my skin feels dry but when I apply moisturizer, my skin becomes oily. Must be my moisturizer? The soap? Or my skin is just hopelessly oily.

Despite its so-so appearance with regards to blackhead/whitehead treatment and oil control, I like this soap because it is effective in treating acne and pimples. I did not experience major breakout since I started using this. In fact, it helped dried out my pimple fast.

My skin also feels really clean after using this so I think the soap is okay.

Scent. The soap smells... refreshing, just like most organic soaps. I have no problem with its smell. In fact, I'm loving it!

Ingredients. Distilled water, Saponified oils (Coconut, Palm, Olive, Castor), French Green Clay, Essential oils

Price. This 110-gram soap costs Php 100 at Be Organics official shopee store. When used in the face only, one bar lasts more than two months. 

Availability. I got mine from their official shopee store (link above) but they are also sold at BeautyMNL. I'm not sure if they have a physical store in the metro but there's none here in Iloilo.


Aspects Rating
Packaging & Appeal
Overall Rating

Will I purchase again?

If only to deal with blackheads and blackheads, I think I'm having second thoughts about purchasing again. Otherwise, this is a good product to stick to it.


Be Organic Green Clay soap is a good product to try if you are dealing with acne and pimples, even blackheads and whiteheads if they're not that bad. It makes the skin feel really clean, smooth and refreshed. Just make sure to rinse immediately to prevent drying out the skin.

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